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What 2020’s ‘Quarantine Life’ Has Taught Me Thus Far

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If you’re reading this right now, I hope you’re being safe, practicing social distancing, washing your hands and all that jazz. A part of me can’t believe we’re still here…in this uncertain, scary, unprecedented space. Simple things that we once took for granted like going to the store, gathering with friends and family, or simply going out to eat at a restaurant now all feel like distant memories.

Enough of the sad talk, let’s get to the real reason for this blog post. Being that I’m in the house like most of you, I’ve had ample time to think and even do a bit of self-reflecting. Therefore, I wanted to share with you what living this #QuarantineLife has taught me thus far.

On Being Self-Sufficient

I won’t lie to you. Over the years, I’ve become a bit “high maintenance,” with some things, and being in the house means I can’t go to my hair, lash, nail or wax appointments as I usually do. YIKES! So, what did I do? I turned to YouTube. Over the last four weeks, I’ve soaked off my acrylic nails the RIGHT way without breaking off all of my natural nails in the process, learned how to make my own sugar wax AND installed my own individual crochet goddess locs. One of the brighter aspects about being in the house is saving money, which has allowed me to get back to my roots and let my creative, D-I-Y side flourish.

Now listen, I’m a first-timer with mostly all of the things I mentioned above, okay? I haven’t soaked off my own nails without having Band-Aids wrapped around nine out of ten fingers since like 2015. I’ve NEVER attempted to do my own braids, let alone do them individually, which honey….NEVER again. And creating my own sugar wax was successful, but putting the wax on my body was another story (and yes, I have the ugly burn mark on my “test” arm to prove it #QuarantineScars). My point is, I’ve taken the time to learn NEW things or things that I would’ve paid someone else to do for me had I been given another option.

On Staying on Task

You would think that being home all day and not being able to leave the house as I please would make even the most productive person just a little more productive, right? Wrong! Staying on task has become even harder for most of us who are now constantly surrounded by spouses, children and other in-house family members. You add that to us now having the “free time” to do the housework we’ve been putting off for weeks, months or maybe even years, and carving out time for hobbies, dreams and goals seems nearly impossible.

So, what do I do? It’s simply, really. I make a to-do list. I’ve probably said this before, but I’m one of those people who has to write a task down, complete the task and then physically cross it off in order to feel productive or that I’ve accomplished something for the day. If you’re like me, then creating a daily or weekly to-do list is what will help you stay on task.

PRO TIP: On days when I’m feeling really productive, I try not to turn on the TV all day. Instead, I’ll listen to a podcast on my phone or listen to a lofi-hip hop station on Apple Music or YouTube.

On Staying Healthy

We’ve all heard the saying, “health is wealth,” but being in the house for days (or weeks) on end has made that phrase take on a whole new meaning for me. If you are blessed to have a pantry, cabinets, freezer or refrigerator stocked with groceries and other essentials you made need to ride out this storm, then you know how easy it is to snack ALL DAMN DAY even when you may not always be hungry. (Haha-I say that as I’m eating a bowl of popcorn and a granola bar TOGETHER!)

Trust me, being pregnant during a pandemic is scary enough as it is. I don’t need (or want) to come out of this with even MORE weight that I’ll then have to figure out how to shave off. Therefore, I decided to create a 4-week meal plan for myself. It includes options that I have in house for breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday through Friday. Not only does it take the guess work out of figuring out what I’m going to eat when I am hungry, it also helps me stay on track with choosing healthier options so that I don’t regret it later.

K.L., what’s the moral of the story? Again, it’s simple. If the climate that we’re in right now has taught me anything, it’s that life is short. Enjoy the time you get to spend with your close family members. Take on a new task or learn something new. Make the most out of each day that you get so that when all this is over, you’ll look back with more positive memories than negative.

Until next time, stay safe.


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