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Goals: My 30 Goals by 30

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I started my first bucket list back in 2015 a month or so before I turned 25. Now that I’m on the cusp of 30, I’m sad to report that I’ve only completed one of them, which was to publish more books! 😫

My 2015 Bucket List:

§ Take self-defense classes 👊🏽

§ Take pole dancing classes 💃🏾

§ Take bartending classes 🍸

§ Write songs 🎼

§ Audition for a movie role 🎥

§ Learn to swim 🌊

§ Learn how to do a split 👏🏽

§ Learn how to cornrow 🙆🏽‍♀️

By the time you’ll be reading this, I’ll be just about four months shy of my 30th birthday in June. (It’s currently January, but it’ll go live in February.) So, I figured what better way to celebrate transitioning into a new age bracket (and decade) than to share my new and improved bucket list/goals for me to accomplish between now and the end of 2020. (And yes, if you’re interested, I’ll be sure to report back at the end of the year to let you know how it all panned out.)

My 2020 Bucket List:

Books and Business:

1. Write and publish more books (at least 6 or 7)

2. Write another children’s book

3. Take my Booked & Busy Course to the next level

4. Write a movie script based off one of my books

5. Start a separate blog (or a new section of my current blog)

6. Do more interviews for article, podcast and blog publications

7. Do a reading of my children’s books at a local library or children’s shelter

8. Do more book/cause giveaways

9. Become a LLC (done) ✅

10. Host my own event (book related or not)

11. Create a new avenue for passive income

Self-Love and Wellness:

1. Talk to God more

2. Strive to always keep a positive mindset

3. Try acupuncture

4. Take a pole dancing class

5. Take a self-defense class

Travel and Entertainment:

1. Take a cultural cooking class

2. Continue to travel more

3. Go to more festivals, concerts, comedy shows, etc.

4. Attend a wedding

5. Go to a Cirque du Soleil Show

Money and Finance:

1. Pay down as much debt as possible (damn you student loans)

2. Learn more about the stock market

3. Learn more about real estate investment

Personal Leisure:

1. Get a new tattoo

2. Name a star

3. Make a font out of my handwriting

4. Get back to scrapbooking

5. Get more into photography

6. Learn how to play video games (lmao)

What are some of your goals for this year? Comment below!



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