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Wedding bells, a large house with a white picket fence, children and a loving husband were all Love columnist Kiera Hayes ever dreamed about, but never foresaw in her future. That is, until her first love, Trey Johnson, walked back into her life after almost 10 years. Trey’s 6’2 with milk chocolate skin dripping from his head to his feet, a thick, well-groomed beard, a great job and an even greater smile. After seeing her again, Trey realizes that he foolishly let go the one he should have been with years ago. Kiera soon finds out that there’s only one thing standing in the way of making her wish come true…his wife.

Lennox, his wife of three years, has no plans to give up her seat so quickly and file for divorce, especially when there’s a young child and years’ worth of secrets involved, that Trey’s extramarital affair just may push her to reveal.

Now that Kiera has opened up Pandora’s Box, she realizes she’s trapped in a deadly love triangle with Trey’s crazy wife pulling the strings. All this leaves Kiera asking herself how far will she go to get the man she has always loved? Will she stop at nothing to become the next Mrs. Trey Johnson, or will death do them part before he can see just where he belongs?

Where He Belongs: A Disrespectful Love Story (Parts 1-2)