Angel Harrington had always been unfazed by her title as the one and only daughter of Atlanta’s most notorious drug mogul. She was taught to keep her head in the books, but her daddy never mentioned anything about her heart. The moment she met Saint Phillips, her life changed forever. After all, he was just a knuckle-headed corner boy with no business being her suitor. Unbeknownst to her father, she had a fetish for bad boys with reckless intent. Fast forward into adulthood and one massive heartbreak later, Angel finds herself returning to her hometown to face the ashes of her past. Returning to Atlanta means returning to the chapter of her love story with Saint she can only hope stays closed. 


Not only is Saint Phillips the successor of Angel’s father’s multi-million-dollar business, he is also the co-owner of King’s Playhouse, Atlanta’s most popular strip club. His lifestyle brings status, influence and power, and yet his heart still has a void that no amount of money can fix. He has the life most men would kill for, and the only thing that can make him walk away from it all walks into his club and back into his life after seven long years. 


The more time Angel and Saint spend around each other, the more they realize the old flames between them had never been extinguished. She’s ready to risk it all for him as long as he promises to give up his spot in the game. When an unexpected enemy makes a play for Saint’s crown, he’ll have to rely on his power to settle a brewing street war, all while trying to win back the heart of the only woman he’s ever truly loved. Will Angel’s love be enough to help him walk away with from the street life for good?

When a Gangsta Loves a Good Girl

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