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As the daughter of a fallen police officer and former marine, Golani "Gotti" Evans has her head on straight and her life planned to the T. Education. Career. Then love, maybe. With only months left until she graduates with a master’s degree in criminal justice, she meets him. Two strangers. One uninhibited night of pleasure. Zero regrets.

He was just supposed to be a distraction.

A diversion from the pain.

An interruption to her every day routine.

Yet her lungs can’t find air and her feet can’t find the ground when he’s around.


Dashiell “Dash” Graham is six feet of perfection and the epitome of a thug. Every woman wants him and every man wants to either be him or kill him. Just nine months out of jail for serving time for his past endeavors, he makes sure he handles his business in the shadows. His outlook on both life and love changes when he meets Gotti. The only thing that can threaten their future together is his past. He knows she’ll want nothing more to do with him when she discovers the skeletons in his closet.


She’s not ready for love. Neither is he. They are from two separate sides of the law. Yet, the explosive chemistry between them is undeniable. Their outlook on love begins to change as they embark on a love story as complex as it is passionate. When Gotti finds out the truth about his past, will she leave her broken heart behind or give Dash the opportunity to fix what he shattered?


To the Only Thug I'll Ever Love

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$9.50Sale Price
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