Raised in the heart of the 305, Asaad ‘Wolfe’ Calloway is vetted in the streets. Wolfe, a pseudonym he gained after fighting his way through the Miami streets like an animal, was born savage. His good looks, nor his attitude are for the faint at heart. Therefore, he only surrounds himself with those who will protect him by any means necessary, his two brothers, Law and Blaze Calloway. With no love in his heart, he samples all thirty-two flavors of women in his city until he finds the one woman he wants but can’t have. Indigo is the girl of Kasen Franklin, who is expanding his West Coast empire into Miami territory. Pandora’s Box is just too tempting not to open, and he doesn’t care who he has to go through to get her. 

Law, the most levelheaded of the three serves as his brother’s right-hand man. Stepping up in rank to the empire that was built on his father’s back, he’s able to make more money to support himself and the only girl who has his heart, Shiya. With more responsibilities on his plate, will he let his relationship with the streets interfere with his personal relationship? As the baby of the family, the only things Blaze Calloway is concerned with are smoking good, eating good, and living his best life. For him, that means getting money fast and blowing it even faster. When tragedy sweeps the Calloway family up like a tornado, will he step out of his brothers’ shadows for good and prove that he can be a boss in his own right? 

When you’re at the top, there’s nowhere to go but down. Wolfe’s enemies want him dead right when his family needs him most. Witness the rise and fall of one of Miami’s most legendary hustlers. If you thought Law and Blaze were savage, get ready to read about the most savage of them all. 

Please Note: 

This is a prequel to the In the Arms of a Savage Series. Read the full series in order:

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