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ta·boo: a forbidden association with a particular person, place, or thing.


No matter how hard she tried, River’s resolve to stay away was no match for the East Atlanta bad boy with tattoos and a rap sheet as long as his paper. Now that an unexpected arrest has left her relationship with Mav hanging in the balance, River begins to question her best friend’s past and Mav’s role in her demise. How much did she really know about her best friend, and what would she do if the man she loved actually killed her? When she learns the truth, River is left to decide if she can love the light and dark sides of everything that is Maverick Malone.


When news of his arrest for Luca’s murder ignites the streets of Atlanta, Mav knows whoever set him up just made the price on his head even greater. With one foot already out of the game, he recognizes that going legit won’t buy his soul back from the streets. Mav finds himself torn between self-preservation and avenging his blood. The streets are calling, but so is River’s heart. Can he prove himself to be the man she needs, or will he choose himself in the end? Once loose ends are tied, claiming checkmate and divorcing the game is the only goal.


In this series finale, hearts will be surrendered, lives will be lost, and breaking points will be shattered. Will the love between River and Mav prove to be true, or will they decide that the risk simply isn’t worth the reward?

The Illest Taboo 2

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