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*Ships late July*


A few months before her wedding, Isa Lavender always knew what she wanted. She was happy with no doubts and ready for a quick I do, good cake, and life with her green-eyed groom. When tasked to interview renowned chef Elijah Stone on his rags-to-riches story, she meets a man who is dismissive, overcritical, and still tormented by the demons of his past. He’s nothing like the charismatic, talented man she’d read about online. Naturally, everything about the conceited cook rubs her the wrong way. But the more time Isa spends with him, she’s surprised to find herself falling for the suave Seven Pines’ hometown hero.


Chef Elijah Stone is at the apex of his career. He’s only in Seven Pines for a short while upon the grand opening of his new restaurant in an up-and-coming section of the city that raised him. When the well-read writer shows up at his hotel room asking too many questions, he quickly becomes unable to resist Isa's captivating aesthetic, charm, and chestnut brown eyes. Soon, the heat is on, both in and out of the kitchen. He finds himself exposing more layers and revealing elaborate details of his past with each exchange. Isa quickly learns there is more to his story than the clickbait online.


Their connection is like nothing she’s ever felt before, but it’s clear they are from two different worlds. When Elijah leaves to embark on his next endeavor, what happens when she’s left with more than just the steamy memories of the nights she spent in his arms?


Something New is the final book in the Potomac Falls series.

Something New

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