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There was an era in time when Jeanine Lavender believed in love, passion, and sex. As a forty-something widow, she’s long-buried those beliefs with her late husband. While on a weekend getaway with her sister and friends, she locks eyes with a young, handsome musician across a crowded bar. An innocent conversation and a little harmless flirting soon spiral into a passion-filled one-night stand. But what happens when she wakes up the next morning wanting more? Undoubtedly, the drinks the night before allowed her body to thaw at the sensual touch of a man young enough to be her son. Or could there be a deeper connection?

Axel McAdams has everything a woman wants in a man: talent, height, and a face that God himself had kissed. Not to mention his hypnotic emerald-green eyes and panty-drenching smile. How could a woman not be attracted? The young saxophonist ignites a passion in Jeanine she thought she had buried years ago. And he’s determined to show her that he’s just what she needs.

Their relationship was meant to be no strings attached. Yet, Jeanine finds herself throwing caution to the wind and falling too fast without regard to the consequences. When a revelation hits too close to home, Jeanine realizes their lives are more intertwined than she thinks. Find out what happens when you mix a one-night stand, a wedding, and a secret so big it could upend life as everyone knows it.

Something Borrowed is the second book in the Potomac Falls novelette series.

Something Borrowed

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