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Set in the projects of Brooklyn, NY, a young Justice Silva learns that every action has a reaction, and no matter how long things seem to be going good, trouble is never far behind. Bred with a good heart like his mother, but cut from the same cloth as his father, he finds himself early on, caught in the middle of adolescence and adulthood as he struggles to piece together the puzzle of becoming a man.

Written in the words of Justice Silva, Rise of a Street King takes you through the transitions of this troubled Brooklyn youth to his subsequent rise to street fame and fortune as one of New York’s most memorable drug dealers.

If you enjoyed the roller coaster ride Justice gave you in the Diary of a Hood Princess series, this heart-pounding novel will leave you breathless as you encounter the back stories behind some of your favorite characters—Kris and Lyric.

This intense narrative will keep you wondering, with his enemies, friends and family out to get him, how does he survive?

Rise of a Street King: The Justice Silva Story

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