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There was a heartbeat in time that Indigo believed Donovan could be hers. 

That their happily ever after was within reach. 

But that was before the stick turned pink, and she delivered the unforgivable news that the baby inside her might not be his. 

The worst part? It may be the seed of her sin-soaked husband. 

Now that the truth is out, she must answer to her crimes and fight to win back the trust and heart of the man she loves. 


Don’s relentless focus on saving his family’s diner and beloved Potomac Falls landmark has led to a dead end. Between the strained relationship with his siblings over the death of their brother, his family legacy up for the taking, and Indigo’s news, he’s reached his breaking point. Although he’s a quarter of a million dollars richer, peace of mind is one thing money can’t

buy. Unsure of what life has in store for him next, he finds himself on a downward spiral and makes a split decision that leaves him torn between his past and future. 


Trapped in a marriage that isn’t what it seems, Melanie Caldwell learns firsthand that sometimes the ugliest relationships look prettier on the outside. Desperate to mute her pain, she finds herself swept up in the warmth of a strings-free fling that comes with its own set of consequences. When her biggest secret becomes front-page news, it sends the town buzzing. Suddenly,

her marriage and her husband’s political career are like ticking time bombs, one wrong move away from detonation. 


As the pressure mounts, everyone finds themselves at odds, and soon, the troubled waters surrounding them threaten to wipe out everything they’ve built. Can second chances and forgiveness exist in a city that thrives on gossip, or are these broken hearts beyond repair? 


Remember My Name: A Potomac Falls Novella Book Three

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