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A promiscuous college senior. 

A handsome professor with secrets. 

A kidnapping and shocking campus crime. 


When I stepped onto the campus at West Bridge University four years ago, all I wanted to do was get my degree.

Now, I’m one class away from walking across the stage in the spring. 

Graduation is so close I can taste it. 

That’s the only reason I signed up for Professor Hill’s erotic poetry class. Well, not the only reason. 

His seductive cocoa brown eyes, salt and pepper beard, and sexy tattoos precede him.

I never intended for him to become my muse behind every poem, every fantasy.

One glance across the lecture hall and a moment alone after class is all it took to make him mine.

But there are consequences to breaking the rules, and my all-consuming desire lands me in heart-pounding danger. 

How was I to know the debonair, well-dressed professor was living a double life as a drug kingpin? 

I guess that’s why they say some men are off-limits for a reason. 


Professor Zaddy is a standalone forbidden professor-student novel based in Potomac Falls.


Professor Zaddy: A Potomac Falls Novel

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