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When Willow Stephens found herself on the streets of Las Vegas at the peak of adulthood with no family to turn to, she was forced to keep food on her plate and clothes on her back by any means. Things changed when she met Victor, the emerald-eyed boss of The Underground, an association of assassins operating under the guise of a motorcycle club. Now in her mid-twenties, she finds herself living a double life. To most, she’s simply Shea Dixon’s doe-eyed girlfriend, to the unlucky ones, she’s the kiss of death. 


Shakim Dixon is a dreadhead with a bad attitude, not to mention the spitting image of his twin brother, Shea. As the black sheep of his bible-toting family, he’s spent most of his life trying to outrun the demons of his past. After years of running, he finds himself back in Sin City with a score to settle. When he barges into Willow’s life, she finds her heartstrings being tugged in three different directions. Will she remain loyal to the man who changed her life, the man whose heart she already has, or the man she can’t get off her mind? 


In this standalone novel, everyone is living on borrowed time. The more bodies that drop, the more everyone’s secrets come to the light. Hop on this roller coaster ride full of lies, murder, and retribution, and learn how thin the line is between love and hate when it comes to money, family, and falling in love.  


This book was previously released as Love Me Harder: A Sin City Love Story.



Never Had a Bad Boy Love Me So Good (Paperback)

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