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They say that sometimes miracles come in pairs, that couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to identical twin sisters, Gemini and Winter Stephens. For years, Gemini was raised to believe that her sister died at birth. With no father, her mother was all she had until she died tragically before Gemini’s 16th birthday. Gemini was suddenly forced to raise herself, and that meant doing anything necessary to keep her fed and off the Las Vegas streets. 

Things changed for her when she met Kane, the notorious boss of the biggest organization of contract killers in all of the Southwest, The Underground. Although he is much older, he is also wiser and shows her that he has the city of sin in the palm of his hand. After just their first encounter, he sees something in her that he can use. He takes her under his wing, puts her through college, and trains her to be the woman she is today. Unbeknownst to her, he’s had an ulterior motive all along.

Now in her mid-twenties, Gemini finds herself living a double life. To some, she’s the loving fiancée to Cameron Dixon, to others she’s a trained killer. Gemini’s loyalty is questioned not only by Kane, but by Cameron as well when another man steps into her life, his brother, Romello.

Romello Dixon is a dreadhead with a bad attitude and the spitting image of his twin brother, Cameron. He walks around with a chip on his shoulder because he wasn’t the golden child his parents made his brother out to be. As soon as he turned 16, he was emancipated and set off on his own. After years of being on the run, he finds himself back in Sin City as a former hitter with a score to settle, which couldn’t have happened at a worse time.

Winter, seemingly back from the dead, or so it seems, has also returned. Winter and Romello have a past that could come back to haunt them sooner than later. When tragedy ensues that rocks both of their worlds to the core, they are put in one of the hardest situations they will ever have to face.

Now that their future is at stake, it makes it harder to walk away from the mistakes of their past. In the city of sin, everybody has a motive, and with all of their underground activities, these two have no time for love. After all, falling in love could knock them both off their squares.

Hop on this roller coaster ride full of lies, murder, and retribution and find out what happens when love and loyalty are put on the line.

Love Me Harder: A Sin City Love Story