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Falling in love was never part of the plan.

Winter Stephens earned the nickname Ice for a reason. She was the hottest woman walking the streets of Sin City with the coldest heart. The only thing that seemed to soften her up was watching her twin sister die. Now, she’s doing the unthinkable with the one man from her past she never thought she’d see again.

Romello’s obsession with Kane heightens when he learns that Kane is the vindictive mastermind behind the demise of two families; therefore, he is at the core of Romello’s thirst for revenge. When he begins to set his plan in motion; he has to decide what he wants more: to protect his family and fulfill his father’s dying wish or make Kane pay for everything he’s done to them. Both may not be possible.

For years, Kane Sandoval has remained invincible. Now that the emerald-eyed snake’s identity has been revealed, his next power move will show Winter and Romello that he still owns them and he’s not letting his empire go without a fight. When he summons a ghost from Winter’s past, she becomes afraid to trust anyone, even herself. She learns that no matter how many years go by; debts still have to be paid, no matter the cost.

As time passes, Winter’s old feelings for Romello begin to grow stronger. She finds herself opening her heart again to the only man who’s ever had it, until she realizes she may be the only one whose fictional love is real. When she delves deeper into his short history with Gemini, she’s forced to ask herself does he love her or her twin?

In the sequel to Love Me Harder, all bets are off when everyone realizes they all have something to lose. The question remains, now that Winter and Romello have assumed the identities of their siblings, can they pull off the ultimate deception and make it down the aisle? They have to decide whether they are going to fall in love or create a war. Both equally dangerous.

Love Me Forever: A Sin City Love Story