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“I can’t say I never wanted the perfect love story; but the love I got was straight hood…” 

All 22-year old Raquel Valentine wanted was a carefree Miami vacation with her girls to celebrate graduating from college and to start planning her dream wedding to her high school sweetheart, Derrick. But, when a man is gunned down right in front of her eyes and she captures the whole ordeal on her phone, she instantly becomes the Calloway family’s newest target. 

Andreas “Law” Calloway was more than a drug dealer. He was now the new head of an empire built by his family after the murder of his older brother, Asaad “Wolfe” Calloway. Law knows the streets like the back of his hand, and now that he has the world at his fingertips, his first order of business is to wreak havoc on those responsible for Wolfe’s death. Now that he’s the one calling the shots, his enemies will stop at nothing to destroy him because everyone wants a piece of the throne. 

Although Law may be a disrespectful savage that makes the ladies swoon, he’s not a reckless bachelor swimming in a sea of women like his younger brother, Aston "Blaze" Calloway. Law is engaged to Nashiya, who will be damned if anyone takes her place beside him on the throne. She’s got the ring on her finger to prove it. 

When Law makes the decision to spare Raquel’s life, he does so with one stipulation: making sure the last place she thinks of going is to the police. He never thought he'd find himself caught in between what his mind knows and what his heart wants. Soon, he finds himself drawn to Raquel in a way that he can't explain. The chemistry between them is too strong for either of them to deny.

Raquel knows that her survival comes at a cost. Will she do anything to escape back to her old life or stick with her new one? Being around Law and the rest of the Calloway family may just turn her heart of gold into the heart of a savage.

In The Arms of a Savage

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