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When the love of my life is the bad boy instead of the prince…


It was a simple arrangement. 

People desperate for a come-up for different reasons. 

It wasn’t supposed to snowball into real feelings or a fairytale proposal. 

And definitely not a surprise pregnancy. 


To most, my fiancé, Kareem Solomon, is the self-proclaimed, privileged prince of NOLA with a radiant smile and a heart of gold. 

His family’s deep pockets have managed to hide his missteps. 

A year ago, I was hired to help save him from his demons, reel him in from his depression, and rebuild the man his best friend and family once knew and loved. 

In exchange, I would get the payout of my dreams and everything I needed to open my restaurant.  

The catch? It’s his best friend who makes my pulse skitter.


Psalm Baptiste is everything I’ve ever wanted: handsome, poised, and an arrogant demeanor that leaves me dazzled. 

Born and bred in the bayou, he wields the power and money to dismantle or rescue my heart. 

I didn’t know what our agreement would mean for us. 

That I would be spellbound by the number of zeros on the check and the essence of him.  

That signing my name on the dotted line would leave three hearts hanging in a gray area.

That I would become the villain of my own love story. 

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and everything implodes. 

But until then…


In Exchange: An Urban Thriller

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