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One of the most dangerous things anyone can do with their life is go undercover. But when FBI Special Agent Savannah McKinney gets pulled into Operation November to take down one of Chicago’s biggest drug kingpins and notorious gang member, Pharaoh Blackwell, she’s up for the challenge. 

Pharaoh is six-five, sexy, strapped with a pistol on his hip, and an even deadlier smile. In a profession where everyone wants to take over the streets, his only focus is stacking his money, gaining more power, and commanding respect. Nowhere in that equation did he have time for love, that is, until Savannah crosses his path. 

When an unforeseen accident causes her to lose her memory, she winds up falling right into the arms of the man she’s supposed to be taking down. Savannah soon finds herself wanting to know everything about the man behind the gruesome murders and the drugs flooding the streets of Chiraq. As the two become closer, it’s only a matter of time before their connection becomes increasingly personal—and deadly. Fate brought them together, but will the law or her recollection tear them apart?

Fallin' for the Alpha of the Streets

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$8.24Sale Price
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