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Years ago, Nia Davenport dreamed of jumping the broom, buying a large house in the suburbs, and having a couple of brown, gap-toothed babies with her childhood crush, Darius Adams. Yet, she watched and waited while he dated everyone but her, hoping the day would come when he’d realize he was just as much in love with her as she was with him. Now, a little over a decade later, life has gone on, and her feelings have faded along with the memories. That is until she finds herself sharing a fateful meeting in the produce section with the man who crushed her heart in high school. Although now, he’s six-foot-two with smooth, butterscotch skin and a smile that could turn any woman’s knees to water. He’s far from the coil-haired country boy she fell in love with as an adolescent. Yet, the mere sound of his voice makes her feel fifteen again. After their encounter, she realizes the old saying is true–you never forget your first love. There’s only one thing standing in the way of their second chance; he’s got a wife who won’t back down easily.

Lennox Adams knows exactly who she married. She has no plans on trading in her diamond ring for a divorce lawyer, especially since they share a child and years’ worth of secrets that Darius’s extramarital affair just may push her to reveal. Scorned and feeling like the outcast in her own relationship, Lennox will stop at nothing to show that behind every deadly man is an even more ruthless woman.


Nia soon realizes she’s entangled herself in a gut-wrenching love triangle with her lover’s manic wife pulling all the strings. As she begins to unearth more of Darius’s past, she’s hit with a revelation so raw that it makes her question if the man she’s been in love with all these years is really who he portrays himself to be. Could his clean-cut exterior and gallant charm be hiding the monster within? She survived leaving him in her past once before, but will death do them part before she can do it again?

This novel was originally released and titled Where He Belongs.

Entanglements (Hardback)

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