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Just when Sydney thought the love of her life was gone forever, Justice returned to reclaim her heart. But this time around, he isn’t the only one with a mouthful of secrets. There’s no doubt in her mind that the two of them belong together, so when he returns from the accident that could’ve killed him, she doesn’t think twice about going on the run with him to Miami. 

Before they go, a secret is revealed that not even Justice knew about. He’s a father and Sydney isn't the mother. With the police hunting him down, he’s under more pressure than ever to escape New York. The clock is ticking, and the clip is loaded, but with a child in the picture, can he successfully live a lifetime in the shadows? 

In the finale of the Diary of a Hood Princess series, jail is just one trigger pull away for everyone. Lyric plans to make sure that karma is the biggest bitch to the ones that hurt her the most. Her thirst for revenge will shine a light so bright that it just might put an end to Justice and Sydney’s relationship for good. Find out if your favorite couple will be able to beat the odds and get their hood happily ever after. 

Diary of a Hood Princess 3

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