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In one night. Just 24 hours. Sydney Tate’s life changed forever. One minute, she’s living the dream in the Big Apple with her best friend, Kris, by her side. The next, she’s staring at his dead body on a hotel room floor. He’d been murdered, and she’d become a target. Her once calm world is flipped upside down, and she’s soon kidnapped for her own “safety” by Justice Silva, a drug kingpin with his own set of secrets. 

Growing up in the streets, Justice knows the ins and outs of the game like he knows the back of his hand. He commands attention anytime his Timbs hit the ground; attention that, over time, Sydney is willing to give him. Through him, she learns things about Kris’ lifestyle, and the reasons why he may have wanted to take his secrets to the grave. 

This news should turn her away, but it doesn’t. She quickly becomes engulfed in the thrill of his dangerous lifestyle, and even more intrigued by Justice. He’s different than any other man she’s ever met, and through the chaos, her feelings for him grow stronger. But, everyone is not who they are perceived to be, and there’s a detective on a mission to find out who murdered Kris in cold blood. 

The more Sydney gets sucked into his world, the more she learns that everyone she’s become affiliated with, just may not be who she thinks they are, including Justice. When the truth starts to unravel, death and destruction will be all that’s left when the gun smoke clears. Are you ready for Justice and Sydney’s love story?

Diary of a Hood Princess

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