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For five years, Hermès Capone thought she had the perfect love story. As a trophy wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, she spent her time tucked away in the elite suburbs of Philadelphia, living the fairytale she’d always dreamed of. Her only complaint was that her love life lacked the thrill that it once used to. As beautiful as she may be, she remains forgotten in her husband’s eyes. 


Julius “Cap” Capone is the best criminal defense attorney money can buy. He specializes in helping criminals with dirty money and even dirtier criminal backgrounds. He’s just taken on Philly’s biggest hustler, Nario “Rio” Sullivan, as his new client in hopes of getting his charges dropped and an even bigger payout. When Rio and Hermès meet for the first time, she immediately feels a carnal attraction to him. Could it be his dark chocolate eyes, perfect smile, or muscular build? Whatever the case, her eyes aren’t the only part of her body that wants more of him. 


When rumors of her husband’s infidelity arise, she has to decide if she will withstand the storm that is threatening to tear down her entire household or taste the forbidden fruit that is Rio Sullivan. Between the lust and the lies, everyone knows love is not picture-perfect. All parties are playing with a fire so hot that everyone is sure to get burned. Will Hermès succumb to her broken heart to save face and status or give in to the attraction that won’t fade between her and Rio? Only one man can have what’s left of her heart.


Caught Between My Husband and a Hustler

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