Now that Camille and Blaze have decided to pick up where they left off, she finds herself on a one-way flight to Miami, with no intentions on looking back. While she wasn’t in search of a happily ever after, she knew there was something special about him from the moment they met. He was rude, brash and as savage as they came; just the way she liked it. Although she’s miles away from home, the demons from her past may have traveled to Miami to haunt her. Will she let it get in the way of her future, or is her fate already sealed?


From a young age, all Blaze ever wanted to do was rule the streets. When Law finally hands him the keys to the kingdom, he’s determined to make his brother proud by keeping the Calloway family at the top of the Miami food chain. He’d spent his entire life running away from love, which for him, was scarier than pulling a trigger ever could be. Now that he’s a single father, and has gotten a second chance with Camille, will he be able to put his savage ways to the side and love Camille the way she’s supposed to be loved?


Freight, a new threat, comes into Miami by way of Georgia and threatens to shake things up. He plans to cut into Blaze’s heart to find his weakness and use it against him to get what he wants most; cold hard cash and all the respect Miami has to offer. When one traumatic event after another rocks the Calloway family to the core, Blaze decides to take it to the streets and make sure that his adversary leaves Miami in a body bag. After all, he’s got more to lose than just his own life. To save his family, Blaze will have to come together with someone he least expects. His ally is no stranger to the streets and has his own agenda in the 305.


In this gritty standalone novel, only hood rules apply. She’s the calm and he’s the storm. Together, they create one hell of a match made in heaven. Take one last ride with the Calloway family as they go to war for love and respect.

Built for a Savage: Blaze and Camille's Love Story

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