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Love will make you do some crazy things.


Siya, Eshari and Cassidy know that phrase all too well. As they prepare to close in on their thirties, the three of them will be forced to face their demons head on, all in the name of L-O-V-E.


Now that Kendrick is no longer standing in the way of her happily ever after, Siya decides to put her self-destructive past behind her for good. Her albeit rocky relationship with Dacarri has seemingly found solid ground until she’s faced with the news of an ex’s unexpected pregnancy. Will this revelation completely soil her last shot at happiness with the man she loves, or will she stand tall and give a new meaning to the term ride or die?


Eshari never imagined that she’d be welcoming her first child into the world with her brother-in-law as the father, and be burying her husband before the ink on her divorce papers even dried. When an uninvited guest shows up at the funeral, Eshari unmasks all the secrets she’s been harboring, which may do her more harm than good. Her unconventional relationship with Samir seems to be heading in the right direction, but unbeknownst to her, his bitter, soon-to-be ex-wife wants what she thinks Eshari stole from her; and will stop at nothing to make sure they break even.


In the blink of an eye it seems like everything in Cassidy’s life changed. Up until recently, she’s lived her life in selfishness, and now she’s stuck in the middle of two powerful men with nowhere to run. She’ll have to learn the hard way that it’s not always good to have your cake and eat it, too. Can she turn the tables back around and escape with her life and peace of mind? She just may not be able to have both.


In the last installment of this enthralling series about love, friendship and redemption, each woman will prepare to start a new journey into their thirties; all making the same birthday wish; praying to God that their thirties won’t be anything like the last year of their twenties.

Broken Condoms & Promises 3

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$11.99Sale Price
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