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What happens when heartbreak pushes you to your breaking point, causing you to make reckless decisions? The last time Siya spoke to anyone was right before her suicide attempt. In that moment, it seems all hope is lost. Just when she thought she’d gotten the monkey off her back, she was faced with losing the love of her life all because of one bad decision; Kendrick. Now that Dacarri knows the truth about Siya’s connection to his uncle, will he continue to keep his distance, or will he be able to get through to her before it’s too late?


A baby was all Eshari ever wanted, but she never imagined that she would be pregnant by her husband’s brother, Samir. With the secrets of Hassan’s infidelity all out on the table, she has to make a crucial decision about her marriage. Will she come clean about her pregnancy to Hassan before everything is brought to the light, or will she carry around her dark secret for nine months? When Eshari is forced to come face to face with the reality of what she’s done, she questions whether she can find happiness with or without a ring on her finger and a man by her side.


Not only does Cassidy find herself the common denominator in a toxic love triangle, she’s also pregnant. Her heart is torn in two different directions between Nasir, the man she used to love, and Jonathan, the man she still desperately wants to be with. She wants nothing more than to get what she is owed; love and respect from both of them. When an unexpected slip up in her thirst for revenge threatens her freedom, Cassidy learns the hard way that karma is a bigger bitch than she could ever be.


In this sequel, drama continues to loom in the air for these three as they close in on their thirtieth birthdays. With pain in their hearts, revenge on their minds and lies on their lips, a few broken hearts may not be the only casualties in the game of love.

Broken Condoms and Promises 2

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$9.74Sale Price
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