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I never understood Cy’s world. 

He belonged to The Spades motorcycle club. To them, he went by Chop. 

He told me once he was the sergeant at arms. I’m not sure what that meant either. 

All I knew was I’d fallen hard, but I wouldn’t stick around as long as he put his MC before me. 

If life has taught me anything, it’s to leave before you get left. 

After I left town, I learned I was three months pregnant with his child.

Chop’s decisions had made it clear he wasn’t ready for a family, so I kept it from him. 


Four years later, I’m working hard to raise my son, who is the spitting image of his father. 

But Chop made his choice, and I made mine.

That is until some unexpected chaos forces me back into his arms. 

One look, and I can tell he wasn’t expecting to see me at his doorstep again. 

Neither was the half-naked woman in his living room. 





I never wanted to see Kendyl again after she left and took my heart with her. 

Now, she shows up on my doorstep with my son, asking for my help. 

As furious as I am, the bruises on her sweet brown skin have me seeing red.  

No one lays a hand on my girl.

I don’t want to have feelings for her again. I should hate her for what she did, but I can’t. 

She’s the mother of my seed, and the woman who’s always had the key to my heart. 

I can’t blame her for leaving how she did. 

But now that I know about my son, I’m never letting them go again.

Bound in the Arms of a Thug: Chop & Kendyl's Love Story

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