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*This is a two-part novelette with both parts combined into a full paperback*


Candice Taylor is a sheltered, small-town girl who just transferred from an all-girls college to a co-ed university to finish her education. When the twenty-year-old newbie meets her roommate, Jasmine, she quickly gets a taste of her untamed lifestyle. The doe-eyed damsel’s uncertainty of the unknown soon turns into curiosity as Jasmine brings out a side of her she never knew existed.

After spending one unforgettable night with sexy couple, Jasmine and Julian, Candice discovers she’s no longer the timid girl she once was. She is immersed in the curiosity that piqued her interest from the moment she met her free-spirited roomie. Now, she's questioning not only her sexuality but her reasoning behind not exploring her sexual fluidity earlier in life. What will happen when her feelings become split between both parties? Will she have to choose who she wants, or will one of them choose her first?

One taste of Candice's innocence left Julian and Jasmine craving more. Yet, Candice finds herself having to choose between the man who makes her panties moisten or abiding by the girl code. When she learns the truth behind the couple's unconventional relationship, she'll have to decide whether she'll continue to explore the passion burning between the trio or bow out gracefully before she gets burned.

Bi-Curious Full Series Paperback (Anniversary Exclusive)

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