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Six months ago, Indigo Reid committed an unspeakable crime. A crime that, if caught, she could spend the rest of her life behind bars. Attempting to avoid an orange jumpsuit, she runs, leaving behind everything, including her real name. She plans to start over in the small city of Potomac Falls before the police or anyone else uncovers her secret. When she arrives in the buzzing town saturated with its share of scandals, she quickly falls for the picturesque cascading waterfall and the promise of a peaceful, solitary existence while rebuilding her life. Although damaged by her past and gun-shy about men, Indigo finds her warmest welcome in Potomac Falls native and business owner Donovan Saintsbury. She’s hesitant to pick up the pieces of her broken heart, let alone open it again, even to someone as captivating as Don.

With seductive brown eyes, a winning smile, and over six feet of cut, honey-brown muscle, Donovan “Don” Saintsbury is a masterpiece in his own right. The business-minded bachelor works hard as the only family member left in the city to oversee the operations of his family’s historic diner. As the youngest of four siblings, keeping the family legacy intact has been his sole focus until he meets Indigo.

Despite the eruptive chemistry luring them closer, Indigo knows that becoming attached to a handsome stranger is risky, especially since her identity is hidden and her past is deadly. When Indigo reveals the truth about her former life, what happens when she finds out the man of her dreams is more linked to it than she imagined?

Welcome back to Potomac Falls, a small city filled with daring encounters, explosive characters, and succulent scandals.


Because You Don't My Name: A Potomac Falls Novella Book One

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