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Winter Grayson is eagerly anticipating her eighteenth birthday so that she and her boyfriend, Aaron Nash can finally run away and be together. Their families have been sworn enemies for decades, but neither of them knows why. What starts as two young lovers simply running away from home, soon turns deadly and forces them both to return to their hometown seeking answers. 

She soon learns the truth about her future and Aaron’s too. Every family has secrets, but the secret between their families is almost too fantastic to be real, let alone believable. No matter what the circumstances are, Winter still wants to be with Aaron, but now that their worlds have been flipped upside down, can he still be with her?

Prince Aries is immortally delicious and cloaked in mystery. For ages, he’s waited for Winter and has only one goal in mind; to make Winter his forever. When he sets her fate in front of her, she will be forced to give up the life she wanted with Aaron to honor a deal that was made before she was even born. As her powers mature, an untamed wildness grows inside of her that only one man can tame. Will true love prevail, or will she give in to her salacious desires on one Valentine’s Day night no one will ever forget?

*This is a complete novella, no cliffhanger*

Awakened: A Paranormal Romance (Novella)

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