“The moment Furious Belmonte was laid into that casket, my life changed forever. Thanks to him, we were all just a ‘family’ of lost souls.”

Life has a way of showing you who you are, and who you’re not. Lourde has spent the majority of his adulthood feared by most who pass his way, always handling every hiccup the way he was taught. After all, ghosts can’t talk. Now, there’s more blood on his hands than ever before. If Loyalty finds out the secret he’s harboring, it just may be impossible for them to make it to the top together.

Growing up without a father, Loyalty never imagined she would ever get the opportunity to meet him. With the chance of a lifetime in front of her, she’s ready to make the connection she’s always wanted. Will her newfound link be in vain? After all, everyone always wants something. When life-altering news surfaces, she’s left to pick up the pieces of her broken heart. 

Neenah finds herself in a state of pure hatred while stepping into her role as the head of Bell Transportation. With the betrayal of her fiancé and best friend on the tip of everyone’s tongue, she’s on a vengeful rampage that may just lead her down a path of destruction. Being the new face of her father’s legacy while simultaneously getting revenge may be nearly impossible. 

After spending years in hiding, Mayumi Belmonte is back. She’s come home to revel the death of her estranged husband and right her wrongs with her children and her past lover, Eugene. While trying to save her children from a war they can’t win, she knows one thing for sure, Eugene Hayworth isn’t done with them yet. In this highly awaited finale, lines will be crossed, bodies will fall, and so will families. When the time comes for everyone to face the music for all the damages they’ve caused, who will be left standing?

A Ruthle$$ Love Story 3

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