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Young and as picturesque as they come, Lira Armstrong is a college drop-out with a hustler’s mentality. As a byproduct of the streets with two druggie parents, achieving her dreams of becoming a professional dancer hasn’t come easy. When things with her boyfriend Jevan take a turn for the worst, she comes face to face with the man they robbed. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect him to be so heart-stoppingly handsome, let alone allow her to pay for her crimes in a different currency, sex. But when the stick turns pink, she finds herself embroiled in a pregnancy scandal that upends the foundation of her life.

Roman “Rome” Snow knows a hustler when he sees one, no matter how naïve Lira pretends to be. After all, she took part in his robbery, and nobody played with his money. There’s only one problem, he desires her more than any other woman, even the one he already has at home. After deciding to spare her life, he comes to her with an agreement to give them both what they want. She will be his for the night, and when the morning comes, she can leave. After giving in to his desires, the passionate gangsta soon finds himself torn between the one who feeds his wild side and the one who feeds his soul.

Newly married, Draya Snow has it all. Wealth, status, and a marriage where ménages and hall passes are a thing. Yet, her robust sexual appetite always leaves her craving more. When the news of Lira’s pregnancy hits her ears, Draya finds herself on an unorthodox route to motherhood. Will she be able to control her festering jealousy to keep her marriage intact, or will she let her darkest desires come to light? This spicy novel shows the intricate dance of pillow talk and alliances, dominance, and submission and is for mature audiences only.

*Please note: This is the second standalone novel in the Heist of Hearts series. Each book in the series will feature a different member of the Snow family with no cliffhangers. *

A Lover's Heist II: Rome and Lira's Love Story

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