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Will You Say My Name: A Potomac Falls Novella Book Two: Meet the Characters + More

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Neema Ellison and Donovan Saintsbury should have been the perfect match.

Both wrecked by their pasts.

Both striving to reinvent themselves in a city dripping with secrets.

She quelled his demons.

But according to the name on her real driver’s license, he was related to hers.

All it takes to unravel someone’s life is a secret… or two.

And by the time Enzo Reid showed up in town, it was already too late.

Suddenly, the peaceful Potomac Falls is anything but safe, and Indigo finds herself playing a terrifying game with the one person whose gaze she thought she’d never meet again.

How far will she go to protect her secrets? After all, the person she’s pretending to be isn’t real.

But her feelings for her brother-in-law are.

Some facts you should know about Will You Say My Name.

  • Enzo and Donovan are half brothers.

  • Indigo (Neema) is technically still married to Enzo, but falling for her brother-in-law.

  • Melanie has a POV in book two for a closer look into her life and marriage.

  • There will be a part three (finale).


  • Love Triangle

  • Forbidden Love

  • Revenge

  • Sibling’s Ex

  • Betrayal

  • Return from the Dead

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Character Deep Dives.

NAME: Indigo Reid

AKA: The Sexy Stranger

ALIAS: Neema Ellison

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Potomac Falls by way of Chicago


SIGN: Gemini

OCCUPATION: Waitress at A Taste of Heaven Diner

TOXIC TRAIT: Secretive

NAME: Donovan Saintsbury

AKA: The Bighearted Businessman

NICKNAMES: D, Don, Donny

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, born and raised

SIGN: Libra

OCCUPATION: Owner of A Taste of Heaven Diner

TOXIC TRAIT: Resentful

NAME: Melanie King-Caldwell

AKA: The Youthful Yogi

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, born and raised

OCCUPATION: Full-time wife and mom, part-time yoga instructor

LOVE LANGUAGE: Receiving gifts


TOXIC TRAIT: Conflict Avoidance

NAME: Theodore "Theo" Caldwell

AKA: The Photogenic Politician

AGE: 33

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, by way of Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Chief Administrator (right hand to the Mayor)

LOVE LANGUAGE: Acts of Service


TOXIC TRAIT: Self-Centered

Character Interview featuring Indigo Reid and Donovan “Don” Saintsbury (Book Two)

Q1: What can we expect from you in book two?💙

A1: (Indigo): My plan when I first came to Potomac Falls has been altered in the worst way possible. It’s fight or flight, and as much as I want to run, my feelings for Don make me want to fight.

A2: (Don): In book two, I’m still fighting against all my siblings and additional external forces to keep a piece of my family’s legacy to pass down to my son. My feelings for Neema continue to unfold and make themselves known. Feelings come with actions, and with actions come consequences.

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?💙

A1: (Indigo): My armored mindset. There are quite a few curveballs thrown at me in book two, and without some sort of mental toughness, I would’ve caved under the pressure of everything long ago.

A2: (Don): My self-awareness. I know who I am, what I want, how I feel, and why I make the moves I do.

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?💙

A1: (Indigo): Protective, although not as nurturing as I could be, given my circumstances. I’m still figuring out all the facets of true love and what they look like.

A2: (Don): In book two, I learn I’ll go to great lengths to protect my peace and what and who I love.

Q4. List five facts about yourself.💙

A1: (Indigo):

💙 I’m a Gemini with a few secrets and tricks up my sleeve.

💙 I’m more street-smart than most people expect me to be.

💙 Baking is therapeutic for me.

💙 I’m a lowkey sucker for romantic gestures.

💙 Although I’d never admit it, my dream job would be to own a cafe.

A2: (Don):

💙 I’m a family man at my core.

💙 I’m a pleaser.

💙 I can hold a grudge.

💙 I will never beg for a handout or compromise my morals for a quick come-up.

💙 I’ve lived in Potomac Falls all my life because the son no one knows I had at seventeen is growing up here.

Q5. What’s the vibe for your story in book two?💙

A1: (Indigo): Moments: Jhene Aiko x Big Sean

A2: (Don): Power Trip: J. Cole x Miguel

Character Interview featuring Indigo Reid and Donovan “Don” Saintsbury (Book One)

Q1: What can we expect from you?💙

A1: (Indigo): I came to Potomac Falls to rebuild my life, brick by brick. At the beginning, you can expect to see me reserved and closed off, but the more time I spend around Don, the more my layers open up like a flower in bloom.

A2: (Don): You can expect to see me fighting for a lot. I’m fighting for my self-respect, my family’s legacy, and my future. The odds are stacked against me, but I find solace in her, and she quickly becomes my safe space.

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?💙

A1: (Indigo): I can get along with almost anyone.

A2: (Don): I’m genuine, and when I have my mind set on something, not too much can stop me.

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?💙

A1: (Indigo): I’m a recluse when it comes to love. Falling in love is the last thing I’m trying to do. I’m guarded, so it takes me longer to commit to anything serious, but when I do, I do my best to keep my partner entertained.

A2: (Don): Casual hookups aren’t really my thing. If I’m entertaining a woman, I like to show her a good time. Once real feelings are involved, and I care about you, a part of me will always care for you, even if it is tainted with resentment.

Q4. List five facts about yourself.💙

A1: (Indigo): I’m 28 years old, a Gemini with a lighthearted sense of humor. I’m open to learning new things and trying new experiences, but also equally enjoy my me-time.

A2: (Don): I’m a devilishly charming lucky Libra. I’m also 28 years old and the youngest of four siblings. I’ve lived in Potomac Falls all my life, and I’m an entrepreneur at my core.

Q5. What’s the vibe for your story? (You can choose a song or movie or tell the readers in your words what the vibe is) 💙

A1: (Indigo): “You Don’t Know My Name” by Alicia Keys

A2: (Don): "Yo Love" by Vince Staples, 6LACK & Mereba



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