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Wasted Off You: A Friends to Lovers Novella: Meet the Characters + More

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Danielle “Danny” St. Cloud is a genius in the tech field, but her love life isn’t so polished. The closer she gets to thirty, the more anxious she is to kiss the dating carousel goodbye and settle down with a real one. She’s had her heart set on Karon Harris since he walked into her statistics class and sat beside her. He was six feet three, dreaded, fine as frog hair, and desirable enough to have any woman on campus he wanted. Despite how his presence disrupts the rhythm of her heartbeat, she wouldn’t dare risk a decade of friendship, leaving her permanently in the friend zone. When a work trip lands her in the arms of another, she returns to Atlanta with a ring on her finger and her best friend’s older brother on her arm.

Karon Harris is a known southern playboy with the name heartbreaker tattooed on his reputation. After almost thirty years of playing the field, he’s tired of the game and ready to hang up his jersey. None of the women on his roster seem worth going the extra mile for, except Danny. In all the years they’ve been friends, he’s never thought about laying a finger on her, but seeing her in the arms of his brother, Kairo, ignites feelings he doesn’t like. The ATL skirt chaser soon realizes there’s more to his friendship than he thought.

An impulsive kiss leads to a gut-wrenching love triangle, proving there’s a thin line between friendship and family. Falling in love with Danny could unravel their friendship, but losing her to his brother might be more than he can bear.

Fast Facts about Wasted Off You.

  • It’s a friends to lovers novella

  • There’s a friendship, a proposal, a quarter of a million dollars, and a love triangle

  • Danny is in the tech field and has been in love with her best friend, Karon, since the first day they met

  • Karon is the younger brother with an expired hoop dream and a successful podcasting career

  • Kairo is the eldest brother who plays professional basketball overseas


💚Friends to Lovers

💚Fake Engagement

💚Love Triangle

💚Best Friend’s Brother

💚Runaway Bride

Listen to the Official Playlist Here.

Meet the Characters.

Character Interview featuring Danielle “Danny” St.Cloud and Karon “Hollywood” Harris.

Q1: What can we expect from you?

A1: (Danny) You’ll see me make the type of foolish decisions you’d make in your twenties and deal with the consequences that come with them, positive or negative.

A2: (Karon) Long overdue growth.

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?

A1: (Danny) I’m the ride-or-die friend that you want in your corner.

A2: (Karon) I can’t choose. It’s a three-way tie between my humor, my good looks, and my loyalty to the ones who deserve it.

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Danny) My love is as thoughtful as a greeting card and as delicate as a forehead kiss.

A2: (Karon) I don’t know what it’s like to be loved by me because I’ve never been in love before.

Q4. List five facts about yourself (Or your love interest)

A1: (Danny) I’m twenty-eight years old. I work in tech and would love to create my own app one day. I have an unhealthy obsession with Thai food. I haven’t been in a serious relationship in months, and I’ve been secretly in love with my best friend since the first day we met.

A2: (Karon) I’m six-foot-three and twenty-eight years old. I’m one of three hosts of a nationally syndicated podcast. My nickname is Hollywood, and I played basketball in college before I got injured.

Q5. What’s the vibe for your story? (You can choose a song or movie or tell the readers in your words what the vibe is)

A1: (Danny) “Right Thru Me”- Nicki Minaj

A2: (Karon) “DO 4 LOVE” - Snoh Aalegra

Wasted Off You Signature Drink: The Whiskey Smash



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