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Triggered: A Potomac Falls Novella: Meet the Characters + More

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Knight Alexander is still mine. He just doesn’t know it yet.

He might have gotten away from The Falls and started over, but I haven’t forgotten what he did… or forgiven him.

He thinks he can run from the truth, but he can’t hide forever.

Once upon a time, he swore to protect my heart. Now, who’s going to protect him from me?

If he thinks he’s seen the worst of me, he’s dead wrong.

After all, everyone knows break-ups don't often go smoothly.

Five facts you should know about Triggered.

  • It’s heavy on the revenge

  • She’s a scorned journalist with connections and all the tea

  • So much unfinished business from Christmas and new secrets

  • When unrequited love meets obsession

  • This is the FINALE


  • Unrequited love

  • Dark secret/blackmail

  • Revenge

  • If I can’t have you, nobody will

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