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Top 3 Morning Sickness Remedies That Worked for Me

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Let’s face it; the first trimester of pregnancy sucks. Don’t get me wrong, finding out you’re carrying a life inside of you is an exciting (and overwhelming) thing, but the sickness that’s usually associated with that S-U-C-K-S.

Luckily, I was blessed to only be sick for about five weeks or so (weeks 5-10). I was also blessed that I didn’t get sick in public too often to where people would question what was going on. Nevertheless, I know every mama’s situation is different. I’ve talked to moms who were sick up until their second trimester and even some who experienced morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy. 

Like every other expecting mother out there, I relied on Google to search for remedies. Let me be the first to say, ginger ale didn’t work for me AT ALL. I was also too scared to try ginger candy since the soda backfired. Therefore, I decided to share the three things that worked for me when I was in the midst of the first trimester storm. 

Wearing Sea Bands.

I’d originally purchased these when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas back in 2019 to avoid getting sea sick. When I found out that they could be worn to combat morning sickness, I was hype! I would wear them whenever I had to go to work or knew I was going to be around a lot of people, and I never had any issues. 

Avoiding heavy foods.

I had to learn this the hard way MULTIPLE TIMES. I wanted nothing more than to go out and enjoy cheese fries, pizza and whatever else I had a taste for whenever I could/felt like eating. This backfired on me at least 100 times until I started actually taking cues from my body. Being that I cut out coffee (which was my breakfast pre-pregnancy), I had to find a substitute that I could eat in public AND KEEP DOWN. Cinnamon raisin bagels were my go-to! I don’t know why, but those stayed down every time and were better than crackers. 

ADDITIONAL TIP: I also opted to take my prenatal vitamins in the evening after I got home from work instead of first thing in the morning.

Sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. 

You probably read that and was like, duh! I know this sounds like a no brainer, especially when it comes to the first trimester, but hear me out! I would be sure to sleep during ANY car ride where I wasn’t driving to avoid smelling anything unpleasant or getting nauseous from any bumps in the road or the constant start and stop of traffic. I figured the more I slept, the less chance I had of getting sick. See my logic here?

Got any remedies or tricks that worked for you? Share them with me! 



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