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The Official Heist of Hearts Series Playlist

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A Lover's Heist: Chief and Gianna's Love Story

At thirty-two years old, Dominic “Chief” Snow is about his business. Paid and devilishly enchanting, he isn’t the type to roll out of bed for anything less than six figures. As a real estate investor, he owns multiple properties across the city of Miami. Yet, it’s his illegal practices that produce the most revenue. Every hustler in ‘Magic City’ picks their own poison. For Chief and his brothers, Rome and Baby, it’s a slew of armed robberies that keep them paid and living the life that legacies are made of. While he may seemingly have it all, his outlook on love is bittersweet. Now three years divorced from his high school sweetheart, his only focus is on his sixteen-year-old daughter, Dream, and multiplying his money. But when a bank heist lands him in the presence of an angel, he’s made aware that fate has other plans.

Gianna Austin is a twenty-nine-year-old pastry chef with dreams of opening her own bakery. When her third attempt to get a bank loan backfires, she finds herself amidst an armed robbery which leaves her world spiraling on its axis. After escaping with her life, she’s hit with the news that her young, troublesome brother is being released from prison and has no one to turn to. She finds herself trying to help him get back on his feet while figuring out just how she can manifest a business miracle. When a chance encounter lands Gianna in Chief’s presence, she realizes he may be just the person she needs to make her dream a reality. But what will she do when she finds out that he may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

For a woman like Gianna, trust and honesty are everything. And for a man like Chief, loyalty and reverence are king. When an unexpected threat targets Chief’s family, a domino effect ensues. Not only are the Feds threatening to dismantle everything they’ve worked so hard to build, but someone he thought he’d left in his rearview just may be closer than they appear. As plots of deceit unravel around them, so may their chance at love.

A Lover's Heist II: Rome and Lira's Love Story

Young and as picturesque as they come, Lira Armstrong is a college drop-out with a hustler’s mentality. As a byproduct of the streets with two druggie parents, achieving her dreams of becoming a professional dancer hasn’t come easy. When things with her boyfriend Jevan take a turn for the worst, she comes face to face with the man they robbed. Never in her wildest dreams did she expect him to be so heart-stoppingly handsome, let alone allow her to pay for her crimes in a different currency, sex. But when the stick turns pink, she finds herself embroiled in a pregnancy scandal that upends the foundation of her life.

Roman “Rome” Snow knows a hustler when he sees one, no matter how naïve Lira pretends to be. After all, she took part in his robbery, and nobody played with his money. There’s only one problem, he desires her more than any other woman, even the one he already has at home. After deciding to spare her life, he comes to her with an agreement to give them both what they want. She will be his for the night, and when the morning comes, she can leave. After giving in to his desires, the passionate gangsta soon finds himself torn between the one who feeds his wild side and the one who feeds his soul.

Newly married, Draya Snow has it all. Wealth, status, and a marriage where ménages and hall passes are a thing. Yet, her robust sexual appetite always leaves her craving more. When the news of Lira’s pregnancy hits her ears, Draya finds herself on an unorthodox route to motherhood. Will she be able to control her festering jealousy to keep her marriage intact, or will she let her darkest desires come to light? This spicy novel shows the intricate dance of pillow talk and alliances, dominance, and submission and is for mature audiences only.

A Lover's Heist III: Baby and Skai's Love Story

For as long as she can remember, Skai Daniels has wanted to be a surgeon. As a second-year surgical intern at a hospital in the heart of Miami, her budding medical career keeps her busy. All work and no play make for a lackluster social life. So, when she decides to spend her first night off in a week tagging alongside her best friend Jade to a private party, what’s the worst that could happen? What starts as a fun night soon leads to a series of twisted events that throw her right into the arms of the youngest and notably most problematic Snow brother, Baby.

Cash rules everything around Judah “Baby” Snow. The young boss lives by the street code and runs with the meanest. With his heart still recovering from his last relationship, the paid and pretty playboy is rigid and temperamental. Emotions on ice, he’s vowed never to make the same mistake twice until fate lands him in the middle of Skai’s apartment, searching for his stolen possessions and answers she doesn’t have. When their worlds collide, they’ll learn they have more in common than expected.

As pulse-pounding sparks fly, will Skai crack the forbidden code to Baby’s cold, wild heart, or will a ghost from his past get in the way of the future he could have with her? In a city with enemies at every turn, he could lose everything over the one thing he said he’d never do again, fall in love.


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