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The Knight Before Christmas: A Potomac Falls Short: Meet the Characters + More

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A brotherhood. A breakup. And a plot twist = one messy Christmas in the Falls.

Five facts you should know.

  • Holiday fling

  • Love triangle

  • Small town

  • Revenge

  • Plot twist after plot twist. (you should prepare to be mad now)


  • Betrayal

  • Christmas

  • Home for the Holidays

  • Secrets & Lies

  • One night stand

Character Deep Dives

NAME: Quinn "Q" Moseley

AGE: 26

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, VA

SIBLINGS: 2; fraternal twin (brother, Quincy), stepsister (Bree)

OCCUPATION: Dental assistant at her father's dental office

BEST QUALITY: could charm the skin off a snake

TOXIC TRAIT: holds a

NAME: Knight Alexander

AGE: 28

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, VA


HEIGHT: 5'10

SIBLINGS: 1; Jackson (older)

HOBBIES: Sneakerhead

NAME: Jackson Alexander, aka

"The Baddie Body Snatcher"

AGE: 30

SIGN: Scorpio


OCCUPATION: Certified personal trainer

LOVE LANGUAGE: physical touch

TOXIC TRAITS: liar, manipulative, arrogant

NAME: Corinne Davis

AGE: 25

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, VA

SIGN: Pisces


TOXIC TRAITS: indecisive, needy, jealousy

NAME: Bree Thomas

AGE: 24

LOCATION: Potomac Falls, VA

OCCUPATION: receptionist at stepfather's dental office

TOXIC TRAITS: self-centered, plays the victim

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