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The Illest Taboo 2 Sneak Peek #1

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It was raining out. Pouring, even. Old mothafuckas would say it was raining cats and dogs. I sat posted in my truck across the street and watched as the valet brought their car around. They stood hand-in-hand, giggling like a couple of teenagers without a care in the world. He even took his jacket off and gave it to her to protect her hair from the rain. A true fuckin’ gentleman.

I waited until she got in the passenger seat, and he pulled off, keeping my distance for a few lights before tailing them closer and closer. The downpour continued to cascade down my windshield as my wipers swiped vigorously back and forth, trying to clear my sightline of the road ahead. The engine revved as I pressed harder on the gas, ready to let them know they were being followed. The closer I got, the faster he sped, trying to put enough distance between us so that I’d either get caught up by a light or the police, whichever came first. What happened next was unexpected. I was riding his bumper so hard that he ran the red light and was struck by an oncoming SUV right on the driver’s side.


My tires screeched as my truck fishtailed against the wet pavement. I gripped the wheel tighter as my brakes grinded to a halt. The violent thudding of my heart was enough to make me pass out as I tried to catch my breath. Jumping out of my vehicle, I wasted no time running over to the car that had gone from a luxury vehicle to a crumpled piece of metal in seconds. Glass was fractured into a million pieces across the slick pavement as I yanked open the passenger side door and unhooked her seatbelt to pull her out.

“Are you okay?” I asked, cradling her battered body in my arms.

I glanced over at her man who was laying slump against the deployed airbag with blood leaking from his head. He didn’t stand a chance.

She blinked slowly, unaware of what had just happened. After a few seconds of panicked fast breaths, she locked eyes with me. “You…” she whispered.

Her disoriented body stiffened in my arms, and I gifted her a devilish grin. “I told you what would happen if you kept fuckin’ with me, didn’t I? Now, where the fuck is my money?”

“P—please,” she pleaded.

She was weak and battered, but I didn’t give a fuck. She’d wronged me like no other woman had ever done before, and she was going to pay one way or another. “Please, what? Huh? It’s too late to beg now, you fuckin’ bitch. Tell me what the fuck you did with my money!” I yelled, jabbing my gloved fist into the side of her face.

Her once beautiful face shattered like a fragile piece of glass beneath my rage. She screamed out in pain as her neck flung backwards.

“You’ve got one more time to tell me where the fuck my money is, or I’m gonna put the period at the end of this sentence,” I warned, before jabbing her again.

Bitches like her didn’t like to listen. She needed tough love. She screamed out again and again, saying my name, begging for forgiveness in her utmost moment of need. I wanted to hear her scream louder, like she did each and every time we fucked. For the past eight months, Suki had prided herself on having me wrapped around her little diamond-encrusted finger. Anything she wanted, I supplied until I found out the details of our whirlwind romance weren’t nearly as important to her as they were to me. I expected her to get with the winning team and leave her husband for me, not butter me up so that she could rob me blind. Her actions had proven that she was nothing but a selfish bitch who thought she could have her cake and eat it too. As a result, she had to learn the hard way not to write a check her pretty ass couldn’t afford to cash. She truly didn’t know who she was fuckin’ with.

“What did you do with my money!” I raged, shaking her shoulders.

Fading in and out of consciousness, Suki extended her tongue, tasting the zest of fresh blood on her lips. With the last bit of strength she had left in her, she sliced her nails down the side of my face. “Kiss that money goodbye,” she whispered.

I sucked my teeth. Even in her last moments, she was going to go out like a G. There was a slight part of me that respected it, but not enough to let her live. I didn’t have any other choice in the matter. “That’s a shame. You should’ve chose up, baby girl. I could’ve given you everything, Suki! Everything!”

A single tear slipped down her face, mixing seamlessly with the falling rain. “P—please, I—I…”

“All you had to do was keep it real with me. We had a good thing, right? You were supposed to leave this nigga for me! And yet you decided to break my heart and steal from me. And what did I tell you would happen if you ever lied to me, huh? I told you you’d pay, didn’t I? Didn’t I?” I asked, enveloping my gloved hands around her throat.

“I—I’m pregnant! And… it’s yours…” she revealed, her tear-stained eyes helping to plead her case.

I paused and looked her deep in her eyes. She was the type to say anything to get out of dying, but I’d seen the test she buried at the bottom of my trashcan three weeks ago with my own two eyes. She was telling the truth and waited for the last possible moment to play the only card she had left. My grip tightened once more as I pulled her lips close to mine. Her breathing was shallow, signaling that her last breath was only a heartbeat away. “I know,” I whispered.

Feeling her throat shatter and collapse between my hands was priceless. I stepped over the broken glass and tossed her lifeless body back inside the car before planting drugs and liquor inside the vehicle. Even through all the smoke and steam from the crash, I could see the strobe of police lights in the distance.

“I’m sorry it had to end this way, but you never should’ve fuckin’ crossed me,” I mumbled before jumping back into my truck and leaving the scene.

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