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T.A.N.: An Erotic Novella Sneak Peek

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This is an unedited snippet.

Jhordyn Davis

Have you ever wanted to get your lick back so badly it consumed the darkest corners of your mind? No? Just me. Okay then. But just hear me out before you start judging and turning your nose up and shit. Jahtavian Nichols is a cancer. The toxic, slow-growing kind you never see coming. First, there was me, then my roommates Sequoia and London. He saved Kelsie for last, catching her on a drunken night after a sorority party. He got us all the same way—waited until we were alone or vulnerable, and then swooped in with a smooth pick up line and his famous Captain Save a Ho smile.

I should’ve seen the signs from the start. Jah was a walking red flag. His kink was meeting a woman with a tight circle of friends and fucking them all one by one. Jah’s confidence in his system of juggling women was sickening yet effective. He’d figured out a foolproof way to never get his heart broken, toy with a woman’s heart with his charm and fill their heads up with broken promises. Once the panties dropped, he’d disappear like smoke. He got a kick out of watching us turn on each other, changing the dynamic of our friendship underneath one roof. The final act? A teary-eyed crazed bitch telling him how much he wasn’t shit. At least, that was my outcome.

I couldn’t believe one dick had the power to ruin so much. He tore through our campus apartment like a tornado. For weeks it was like rounds of Celebrity Death Match in there with all the screaming and slapping. They were all more experienced than me, and willing to bust it open for the star player on the football team just for a whiff of the attention. It had always been about sex and status with them, but there were real feelings involved and invested time for me. 

It took roommate swaps, college transfers, and a hell of a lot of time for us to forgive and see that he was the root of the problem and we’d only been pawns in his game. Today, they’ve all long since let him go, drowned their whorrible decisions in pints of tequila, married men who didn’t care about their true body counts, had kids, and moved on with their mediocre lives. After all, it was a decade ago. There was a small voice in the back of my mind nagging me to let it go, too. Some niggas will never change. A dog gon’ be a dog forever, Jhordyn. Let his flea-bitten ass be somebody else’s problem.

After all, I hadn’t laid eyes on him since college—at least not in real life. Online, well, that was another story. Fate landed Jahtavian in my hometown of Houston six years ago. We hadn’t had the pleasure of bumping into each other, but I kept a watchful eye from a distance. As badly as I wanted to move on and find a man who respected me, I couldn’t. I still wanted Jah to pay for what he’d done to me, what he took from me. It was bigger than my virginity. He’d stripped me of my dignity and left me raw all because I was an easy target. 

Like him, most people saw me and thought I was sweet, calm, and maybe even unassuming. But the story you’re about to read isn’t about me, my wallflower inclinations, and my trust issues toward the opposite sex. No. This is the story of how a toxic ass nigga broke my heart and how I’m about to break his right the fuck back.

Coming July 11th!



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