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Never Had a Bad Boy Love Me So Good Meet the Characters + More

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When Willow Stephens found herself on the streets of Las Vegas at the peak of adulthood with no family to turn to, she was forced to keep food on her plate and clothes on her back by any means. Things changed when she met Victor, the emerald-eyed boss of The Underground, an association of assassins operating under the guise of a motorcycle club. Now in her mid-twenties, she finds herself living a double life. To most, she’s simply Shea Dixon’s doe-eyed girlfriend, to the unlucky ones, she’s the kiss of death. 

Shakim Dixon is a dreadhead with a bad attitude, not to mention the spitting image of his twin brother, Shea. As the black sheep of his bible-toting family, he’s spent most of his life trying to outrun the demons of his past. After years of running, he finds himself back in Sin City with a score to settle. When he barges into Willow’s life, she finds her heartstrings being tugged in three different directions. Will she remain loyal to the man who changed her life, the man whose heart she already has, or the man she can’t get off her mind? 

In this standalone novel, everyone is living on borrowed time. The more bodies that drop, the more everyone’s secrets come to the light. Willow’s entire world is flipped on its head when she learns she’s being hunted by the only family member she has left; the twin sister she thought died at birth. Hop on this roller coaster ride full of lies, murder, and retribution, and learn how thin the line is between love and hate when it comes to money, family, and falling in love.  

This book was previously released as Love Me Harder: A Sin City Love Story.

Fast Facts about Never Had a Bad Boy Love Me So Good.

  • There’s murder, two sets of identical twins, a reunion romance, and a twisted-ass revenge plot. 

  • Willow is a trained assassin who is unaware that the identical twin sister she thought died at birth is still alive. 

  • Winter and Shakim parted ways eight years ago and have been on the run ever since. 

  • Shakim is a rowdy ruffneck with vengeance on the brain and a heart of stone.

  • They are all either members or enemies of The Underground, an association of assassins operating under the guise of a motorcycle club.


🧡 Revenge

🧡 Love Triangle

🧡 Forbidden Love

🧡 Identical Twins

🧡 Fake Engagement 

🧡 Hidden/Secret Identity

🧡 Shared Pasts/Reunion Romance

Listen to the Official Playlist Here.

  • Reason- 11:11

  • Snooze- SZA

  • Expectations- Wale X 6LACK

  • Need Somebody- Diddy X Jazmine Sullivan

  • Sad- Jeezy

  • Moment of Your Life- Brent Faiyaz X Coco Jones 

  • Yeah, I Said It-Rihanna 

  • Simply Beautiful- Al Green 

  • Let it Burn- Jazmine Sullivan

  • Body-Sinead Harnett

  • Who’s- Jacquees

  • Me Too- Kevin Gates 

  • Indulge- Jones 

  • What’s Love- Diddy X NOVA WAV

Meet the Characters.

Character Interview featuring Willow and Winter Stephens, and Shakim Dixon.

Q1: What are some things we can expect from your story?

A1: (Willow): You’ll see me learn the true meaning of the saying, ‘I love you to death.’ 

A2: (Winter): Instead of continuing to run from my demons, you’ll see me face them head on. And for the first time, experience what it means to be a part of a real family.

A3: (Shakim): I’m starting a war. And in the end, I plan to be the last one standing.

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?

A1: (Willow): My ambition.

A2: (Winter): My decisiveness. 

A3: (Shakim): My brutal honesty. 


Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Willow): Growing up, I didn’t have much practice falling in love and being caught by the person I fell for. Being loved by the right one has thawed my heart, driving me to do anything in the name of love to protect our bond. 

A2: (Winter): If you ever hear me say the words ‘I love you’ out loud. It’s the equivalent of me saying I would walk through fire, shed blood, and prepare to follow him to the ends of the world and right off a cliff if he needed me to. 

A3: (Shakim): For years, I’ve always felt like any love I had to offer was best served from a distance. My love is silent, but always there, looming in the background like a shadow. But to the select ones my heart beats for, I’ll never promise something I can’t deliver. That’s just not in my nature.

Q4. Drop five facts about yourself. 

A1: (Willow): 

  • My hands are just as quick as my feet. 

  • I’ve had a fascination with the inner workings of the human body since I was a child. 

  • I’m a bank consultant by day, and trained assassin by night. 

  • The lesser parts of me secretly love being toxic. 

  • I’m a member of The Underground. 

A2: (Winter): 

  • I’m twenty-five, and the oldest of twin girls.

  • I have anger issues and years of unresolved childhood trauma, so I don’t like to feel my feelings. 

  • I’m always running, never stopping to plant roots in one place. 

  • Eight years ago, I used to be secretly in love with Shakim.

  • I’m an ex-member of The Underground. 

A3: (Shakim): 

  • I’m twenty-seven, and the youngest of twin boys. 

  • Unlike my brother, I’m not the type of nigga you bring home to meet your mother.

  • I’ve been estranged from my entire family for almost a decade. 

  • I’m at my best when I’m alone. 

  • I’ve been a hellraiser my entire life, and don’t mind getting things the ski mask way.


Q5. What’s the musical vibe for your story?

A1: (Willow): “Brave” -Jhene Aiko 

A2: (Winter): “Snooze” -SZA

A3: (Shakim): “Reason” -11:11



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