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In Exchange: Meet the Characters + More

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When the love of my life is the bad boy instead of the prince…

It was a simple arrangement. 

People desperate for a come-up for different reasons. 

It wasn’t supposed to snowball into real feelings or a fairytale proposal. 

And definitely not a surprise pregnancy. 


To most, my fiancé, Kareem Solomon, is the self-proclaimed, privileged prince of NOLA with a radiant smile and a heart of gold. 

His family’s deep pockets have managed to hide his missteps. 

A year ago, I was hired to help save him from his demons, reel him in from his depression, and rebuild the man his best friend and family once knew and loved. 

In exchange, I would get the payout of my dreams and everything I needed to open my restaurant.  

The catch? It’s his best friend who makes my pulse skitter.


Psalm Baptiste is everything I’ve ever wanted: handsome, poised, and an arrogant demeanor that leaves me dazzled. 

Born and bred in the bayou, he wields the power and money to dismantle or rescue my heart. 

I didn’t know what our agreement would mean for us. 

That I would be spellbound by the number of zeros on the check and the essence of him.  

That signing my name on the dotted line would leave three hearts hanging in a gray area.

That I would become the villain of my own love story. 

It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and everything implodes. 

But until then… 


This steamy novella was previously titled House of Cards.


Fast Facts about In Exchange.

  • The theme of this story is love, and how far you’ll go in the name of it for the ones you say you care about the most.

  • Lotus is a reformed sex worker who is determined to open up a restaurant in the French Quarter by any means necessary.

  • Psalm is one of NOLA’s most eligible bachelors and has the resources to ensure he always gets his way. 

  • Kareem is a war veteran who has PTSD and borderline personality disorder. 

  • Psalm and Kareem have been best friends since childhood and are both in love with Lotus. 


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Character Interview featuring Lotus Pierce and Psalm Baptiste.

Q1: What are some things we can expect from your story?

A1: (Lotus): I’ve been in the pursuit of happiness my entire life. I started off thinking money could solve all of my problems, but the more I got, the more problems I incurred. 

A2: (Psalm): In the blink of an eye, I go from sitting on top of the world to the world sitting on top of me. 

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?

A1: (Lotus): My ability to keep a secret.

A2: (Psalm): Depending on the day, I’m unsure if I have any. 

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Lotus): When I love, I love hard. My love isn’t neat and proper. It’s a rollercoaster and a train wreck all at the same time. 

A2: (Psalm): As much as my heart may be in the right place, I don’t always know how to show it so that it can come off as painful, overbearing, or controlling. 

Q4. Drop five facts about yourself. 

A1: (Lotus): 

  • I’m a former sex worker turned the owner of an upscale restaurant in the French Quarter called Lotus.

  • I think pineapples on pizza are a crime against humanity.

  • I pour my milk into the bowl before my cereal like a psycho. 

  • I’m a woman, and I understand the power that comes with that, and I use it to bring men to their knees. 

  • Power naps are my love language. 

A2: (Psalm):

  • I’m twenty-seven and the youngest Chief Financial Officer of United First Financial Bank, the city's oldest and largest banking institution.

  • I’m one of NOLA’s most eligible Black bachelors with zero babies or incurable diseases. 

  • I’m wealthy, with many connections in and out of the city. 

  • I like it when things are clear and straight to the point 

  • One thing about me: I said what I said. 

Q5. What’s the musical vibe for your story?

A1: (Lotus): “Ur Best Friend”- Kiana Ledé & Kehlani 

A2: (Psalm): “All of Your Love” -Hotboii ft. Toosii

Meet the characters.

Characters from left to right: Kareem, Lotus, Psalm, Tiffany (Lotus's cousin), and Bianca (Psalm's assistant).

Welcome to Lotus: New Orleans

Character World Building Details.

Settings from left to right: Psalm's bedroom, a part of the French Quarter, Lotus and Kareem's room, Lotus's restaurant, and the note she receives.



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