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Good Girls Always Got A Thing for the Thugs Sneak Peek

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This is an unedited snippet.

Chapter One

Clover Baldwin

It was two o’clock in the morning, and I was going on my eighteenth hour on my feet in the emergency department. I was so exhausted I practically saw double as I sat at the nurse’s station doing paperwork. My friend and fellow ED nurse, Quintessa, came over to me with a frustrated look on her face. I made an X with my arms, crossing them in front of my face before she could even part her lips to speak.

            “Whatever it is, the answer is no,” I told her. 

“Girl, you won’t believe this shit!” she huffed. 

Q rarely cursed on the floor, so I knew it had to be serious. I slowly lowered my arms and gave her my full attention. “Wassup?”

She rolled her brown eyes while folding her arms across her busty chest. “Why is my fuckin’ sister in bay seven with her mayonnaise-colored boyfriend?” 

            My brows shot up. “Her what? Why?” 

            “I don’t know. I saw her being rolled in on a gurney wearing a trench coat and Timberlands with no socks, and I marched my ass right over here. I’ve been working for sixteen hours straight. I’m not dealing with this shit! She’s family, so I can’t treat her bigheaded ass anyway.” 

            Jesus, be a fence. “What you want me to do, Q?” I asked, knowing she was about to ask for a favor. 

            “Go see why she’s here and only report back if it’s something life-threatening. I’m talkin’ like that bitch needs a kidney transplant, not like appendicitis or some shit.” 

I rolled my eyes. “Can’t you get somebody else to do it? I’ve been on my feet since eight o’clock yesterday morning,” I whined. 

“Please. If it were anybody else, I wouldn’t even ask, but you know I can only deal with her for so long when I’m sober.” 

            I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Fine, but you owe me a chai tea latte, a big one, too!!” 

            “Yeah, yeah, add it to my tab.” 

            My legs propelled me over to bay seven, and I pulled the curtain back to see Quintessa’s younger sister, Quiana, lying on the bed with a frazzled look on her face. 

            “Hey there, Quiana. What brings you in?” I queried while pulling up her chart. 

            “Is Quintessa here? Lachlan thought he saw her when we came in,” she replied, referring to her boyfriend. 

            “She’s running around here somewhere. The ED has been a bit of a madhouse all night.” 

            “Okay, well, can you tell her that her baby sister is here?” 

            “Sure will. But let’s talk about what’s going on with you. It says here on your intake form that you’re having some pain in your vaginal cavity?” 

            The emergency room was one of the last places anyone wanted to be, so I kept my composure. Plus, she was my girl’s sister, and I wanted her to feel comfortable so I could ensure she was properly treated. 

Her pasty boyfriend immediately clammed up from embarrassment. “I’ll be outside,” he stated before disappearing behind the curtain.

Quiana cleared her throat before parting her lips to explain. “Well, Lachlan and I had been drinking and decided to get a lil freaky while we were tipsy. He suggested we spice things up and said he had a surprise for me in the bedroom. When we got back there, he pulled out a vibrating… cock ring.” 

I brought my hand up to my mouth as she continued. “Instead of using it the ‘normal way,’ we decided to take things to the next level and put it inside me. At first, it was cool. The sex was wet and wild. This may be T.M.I., but my orgasms were super intense. But the freakier things got, the deeper it went.”

“Holy shit,” I mumbled under my breath. 

“I didn’t wanna come to the ER because of Quinny and how embarrassing this is. So, at first, he did some fishing around in there but didn’t feel anything. My God, I never thought I’d see the day when I wanted to stop cumming. Thank God we got the vibrating to stop, but we still can’t get it to come out,” she confessed. 

I’d been working in the ED at Lakeside Memorial Hospital for almost four years and had seen my share of sexual misadventures, but nothing as funny as hers. 

            “Okay, girl. Don’t worry, we’re going to have the doctor come take a look and see if we can get that cock ring right out,” I stated, realizing how crazy it sounded the minute the words slipped past my lips. 

            “Thanks, girl.” 

            “No problem.” 

            A couple of muscle relaxants and a pair of medical pliers later, the cock ring was out. It was the equivalent of a child getting a penny or a bead jammed up their nose, but much raunchier. After promising me she wouldn’t laugh or make a scene, Quintessa joined me in handing her sister her discharge papers. 

            “The doctor signed off on your discharge papers, so you can get dressed and head out,” I announced. 

Quintessa spoke up. “How are you feeling?” 

            “Much better now.”

            “Good, because you know I’m never, ever, ever, ever letting your ass live this down, right?” she asked her sister with a chuckle. 

            Quiana rolled her eyes. “Shut up! I’m embarrassed enough as it is!” 

            “I bet!” 

            Before I could join in on their banter, Quiana’s phone dinged. She looked at the screen before quickly locking it so that it went black. “Shit.”


Quiana huffed. “Lachlan wants to know what happened to the… ring and if we can, uh, get it back?” 

Quintessa made a retching sound as if she were vomiting, and I screwed up my face as well. “Uh, I think it’s gone in the medical waste,” I informed her.  

“Where it belongs!” Quintessa added with a look of disgust on her chestnut-brown face.

            “That’s fine. I’ve had my fill of that shit anyway, no pun intended.” 

            “This is what you get for fuckin’ on that Ken doll of yours. Wouldn’t no Black dick have you in the ER in the middle of the night lookin’ crazy with some wild shit all in your hot pocket!” 

            “Why are you so mad that I learned how to game the system before you?” 

            Q rolled her eyes. “Here we go again.” 

            “I’m just sayin’. I get my back blown or my na-na tongued down in the nastiest way possible, and I never ever put a pink dick in my mouth. Either way, I figure it’s the closest thing to reparations I’ll ever get.” 

            “It’s the ignorance for me,” Quintessa huffed while wagging her head. 

“Y’all can keep fuckin’ on the chocolate broke ones all you want. That’s just more white meat for me.” 

“Keep it. I’ll take the big, black dick for two hundred, Alex.”

Q and I shared a laugh while her sister redressed. “Laugh all y’all want, but I don’t fuck with niggas because they never knew how to act, ever. Games are for kids and baby, I’m grown, grown,” Quiana boasted. 

“Obviously not grown enough to use a cock ring properly,” her sister snickered. 

Quiana turned to me. “Clover, what’s your one ho goal for the year?” she asked out of the blue. 

My forehead creased. “I’m sorry, my what?”

“You heard me correctly.” 

Quintessa interjected. “Please excuse my delusional ass baby sister. Just because she’s hard-pressed on fucking every white devil out there, don’t mean we all gotta be gettin’ colonized with her ass.” 

            I chuckled. “That damn Jack Harlow got all the white boys feelin’ themselves these days, huh?”

            “Y’all say whatever y’all want, but ever since a nigga with a big, black dick broke my heart, I only allow white men to service my needs.” 

            “Oh my God, Qui. I promise you nobody cares!” Quintessa argued. “And speaking of white men, where is your vanilla flavor of the week?” 

            Quiana looked over her shoulders before spilling the tea. “He’s around. Shit, even if I gotta man, I still got a ho goal.” 

            “I’m too curious not to ask what that is,” I admitted. 

Quiana shrugged her twenty-one-year-old shoulders. “C’mon, what would you do if you could only be a ho for a lil bit? Who’s dick would you sit on? You’re in charge of the pussy, so you make the rules!”

I wagged my head. “I can’t say I have a ho goal, and I’m gonna skip making one.” 

Sex had been the last thing on my mind since the death of my fiancé, Lorenzo, two years prior. I hadn’t had or wanted any human interaction down there since. I didn’t date in person or through apps. I wasn’t hip to the latest music and didn’t frequent the clubs. After losing Leo, working at the hospital and helping to save lives became my life’s purpose. So, no. I wasn’t riding the faces of Ken dolls every night like Quiana, nor was I in the market for a nigga with a big, black dick like Q. But what they didn’t know wouldn’t hurt me. 

“And you know I don’t play that dumb shit,” Quintessa interjected with her answer. 

“Both of your old asses should come out with me.” 

“Mmmm, hard pass,” Q interjected, waving off her sister. They were six years apart but acted like they’d grown up in different decades. “I need high levels of melanin in my places of litness, not whatever seasonless shit you on.”

“Fine. We’ll go somewhere you want.”


“This weekend. Better yet, this Friday.” 

            “Y’all have fun. I think I’m gonna sit this one out.”

“Why? If I gotta go, so do you!” Quintessa declared. 

“Because I-I have plans,” I stammered. 

Q shook her head. “I know you’re off this Friday, so you can’t use work as an excuse.”

I huffed, giving up quickly because I couldn’t think of a better lie. “Shit. Okay, you got me.” 

“C’mon, girl. When do you ever leave this place? You pick up extra shifts on holidays and weekends. It’s like you’re purposefully trying not to have a life.” 

“Shut up! It’s not like that,” I argued. 

“Yeah, okay.”

I smacked my lips. “Whatever. Fine, I’ll go.”

Her brows lifted in surprise at my change of heart. “For real?”


Q rolled her eyes toward the ceiling. “This bitch bluffin’.”

“No, I’m not. I’m serious. I’ll go to whatever spot y’all pick on Friday; just text me the address.” 

“Mmm, so your ass can dip out early or show up late? No, ma’am, if we do this, we do it right. I’m picking you up myself,” Q promised. 

            “There’s no way I’m getting out of this, is there?” I challenged. 

            “Nope,” they answered in unison. 

Coming April 8th!



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