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Good Girls Always Got a Thing for the Thugs: Meet the Characters + More

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I’m the definition of a good girl. 

The kind that lives in my scrubs and crocs and helps save lives. 

As an emergency department nurse, I’m practically married to my career. 

This helps, seeing as my heart’s been on ice since the death of my fiancé two years ago.

So, no. I’m not interested in love or revisiting that type of pain. 

Not until I meet a foul-mouthed bad boy whose smile makes my yoni weep. 

Harlan Banks is the president of The Spades, a ruthless MC club in the Chi. 

My attraction to him was instant; one of the most intense connections I’ve ever had.  

When his lips touch mine, it jumpstarts my soul and makes me want to show him all my scars. 

Being in his warm arms may be the key to thawing my icy heart.




Being a member of The Spades took me from a boy to a savage.

Now, as the leader, I live and die by the code of my brotherhood. 

My main goal has been to find whoever killed my brother and put them in a body bag. 

Nothing comes before my revenge—until her. 

Known on the streets as “Harlan the Heartless,” I’ve witnessed the worst parts of life.

But ever since my chaos collided with her calm, I’ve been ready to experience all the good life has to offer with her by my side.

Everything changes when I learn a war is brewing with a rival gang. 

It’s the worst time to have my heart get in the way.

But when her past catches up with us, her survival becomes my only priority. 

Death doesn’t scare me. Only losing her does. 


Fast Facts about Good Girls Always Got A Thing for the Thugs:

  • Clover is an emergency department nurse who is practically married to her career.

  • Harlan is the president of The Spades Motorcycle Club, and lives and dies by the code of his brotherhood.

  • Her heart has been on ice since the death of her fiancé two years prior.

  • He’s also grieving the loss of his brother, and has been drowning his sorrows in liquor while trying to find whoever killed his brother and put them in a body bag.

  • They are from two different worlds, but little do they know their paths are more interlinked than they realize.


🤎 All Girls Want Bad Boys

🤎 Motorcycle Club

🤎 Emotional Scars

🤎 Sworn off Relationships 

🤎 Revenge

🤎 Destined to be Together

🤎 Grumpy/Sunshine

Vibe to the Official Playlist.

Meet the Characters.


  • NAME: Clover Alexandria Baldwin

  • ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces

  • LOCATION: Chicago

  • OCCUPATION: Emergency Department Nurse


  • BEST INTERNAL QUALITY: Sweet as apple pie

  • TOXIC TRAIT: Secretive


  • NAME: Harlan Banks (aka Harlan the Heartless)

  • ZODIAC SIGN: Taurus

  • LOCATION: Chicago

  • OCCUPATION: Owner of his family’s auto repair shop + president of The Spades motorcycle club



  • TOXIC TRAIT: Stubborn as a mule

Character Visuals.


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