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Every Thug Needs a Lady: Meet the Characters + More

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Privileged? Check. Spoiled? Double check. Affluent? More checks than you can afford. Twenty-one-year-old Lady Holland is the only child of an esteemed federal judge and the apple of her father’s eye. The trust fund baby has lived in the lap of luxury since she was born, until she’s hit with the news on Christmas that her father and stepmother are expecting a new baby. With the threat of a new heir weighing heavily on her, she celebrates the New Year with friends, hoping for a carefree night. When she finds herself in the crosshairs of a gang shootout, she’s swept into the arms of a bad boy with a blindingly white smile. He’s passion and poor decisions personified, a dangerous mix of gangsta and gentleman. And she craves him. 

Known on the streets as “Champ,” Champion Cornelius Wallace is everything a mother prays her daughter will never bring home. A savant when it comes to the hustle, he’s done things he’s not proud of–breaking an equal amount of hearts and kneecaps over the years. As ready as he is to put the city in his rearview and start fresh, his ties to the game won’t let him go that easily. When he crosses paths with the attention-grabbing Lady, he falls prey to her beauty. With one foot in and the other out, he finds himself torn between self-preservation and remaining loyal to the game. But something about her coffee-colored eyes makes him want to protect her and her heart at all costs. 


As a whirlwind romance blossoms between them, lines will be drawn and crossed as the couple learns that although love may be patient and kind, it doesn’t turn back the hands of time. 


Fast Facts about Every Thug Needs a Lady.

  • This is a retelling of the Disney classic, The Lady and the Tramp.

  • Lady is a spoiled, twenty-one year old daddy’s girl, whose father is a federal judge. 

  • Champ is a gang member who is looking to leave the city and start fresh. 

  • Lady and Champ meet in the club on NYE, and it’s anything but love at first sight.


  • Good girl, bad boy

  • Insta Love

  • Dark secret 

  • Class differences 

  • Protector 

  • Sleeping with the enemy

  • Damsel in distress

Vibe to the Official Playlist:

Character Interview featuring Lady and Champ.

Q1: What are some things we can expect from your story?

A1: (Lady): You can expect to see me being what I’m best at, being spoiled and pampered

A2: (Champ): You’ll see me making a lot of big life changes and decisions that affect not only my future but the future of the one I love, too.  


Q2. What’s your greatest quality?

A1: (Lady): My brutal honesty. It’s a gift and a curse.

A2: (Champ): My confidence. 

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Lady): I may be high maintenance, but I don’t have a problem catering to the man doing everything to make me feel safe and make my life easier. Women spoil men, too. 

A2: (Champ): I rebuke the bare minimum when it comes to the people I care about. It’s complete, unconditional protection and loyalty until the day I die. 


Q4. Drop five facts about yourself. 

A1: (Lady):

  • I’m twenty-one years old. 

  • My father is a federal judge, and I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. 

  • If I were a real housewife, my tagline would be, “I was born to be spoiled; God’s plan, not mine.”

  • I’m a big advocate for princess life. To be honest, being treated like a princess is the only life for me. 

  • I’m a lover girl through and through. I love romantic shit. I love intimacy. I love being taken care of. 


A2: (Champ): 

  • I’m twenty-five years old and an only child. 

  • I’m a skilled shooter and a member of the Crimson Skulls gang. 

  • I’m a rare breed, and I know that.

  • I don’t ask for much, but if my presence doesn’t make you put some respect on my name, shit won’t be sweet. 

  • I’m a protector by nature. It’s embedded in my DNA. 


Q5. What’s the musical vibe for your story?

A1: (Lady): “You” - Lola Brooke Ft. Bryson Tiller 

A2: (Champ): “Down Ass Bitch”-Ja Rule Ft. Chuck



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