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Crushed Velvet & Cashmere: Meet the Characters + More

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“They call me Kas,” he whispered in my ear.

I clenched my thighs. He smelled of warm vanilla and musk with a hint of marijuana.

From his enigmatic eyes to the neck tattoo that extended past the crisp fold of his collared shirt, he screamed danger.

And without the resolve to fight against the pressure to mix business with pleasure, I slipped right underneath his thumb and into his dark world.

All I wanted to do was scale my interior design business to the next level.

All I needed was a client who was paid.

I didn’t want to fall so violently for him.

I didn’t need the keys to his heart.

Now I may just lose my sanity because of it.

Five facts you should know.

  • Forbidden love

  • Multiple love triangles

  • An arranged Marriage

  • A workplace Romance

  • Passionate AF


  • Strangers to Lovers

  • Family drama

  • Fish out of Water

  • Wedding

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Character Deep Dives

NAME: Jrue Solène Norwood

AKA: The Ambitious Entrepreneur

AGE: 25

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

BIRTHDAY: October 31

SIGN: Scorpio

SIBLINGS: 1; younger sister (Charity, 17)

OCCUPATION: Bottle girl + aspiring interior designer/CEO of Jrue Interiors

THREE BEST QUALITIES: Hard-working, Authentic, Independent

TOXIC TRAIT: Resentful

NAME: Kasim Asir Barnes

AKA: Mr. Wall Street by Day, Prince of the Underworld by Night

AGE: 27

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Weapons dealer/Part of an organized crime family


BIRTHDAY: November 2

SIGN: Scorpio

SIBLINGS: 2; Koda (older; deceased), Kamil (younger)

THREE BEST QUALITIES: Direct, Accomplished, and Charismatic

TOXIC TRAIT: Stubborn and Secretive

NAME: Canaan McQueen

AKA: The Reckless Playboy

AGE: 25


LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Drug dealer/Part of an organized crime family

SIBLINGS: 1; Cena McQueen (fraternal twin)

LOVE LANGUAGE: Physical touch

THREE BEST QUALITIES: Fearless, Focused, and a Risk-taker

TOXIC TRAIT: Manipulative

NAME: Cena McQueen

AKA: The Queen Pin Bride

AGE: 25

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

SIGN: Taurus

OCCUPATION: Curator at an art museum


LOVE LANGUAGE: Acts of Service

THREE BEST QUALITIES: Disciplined, Loyal, and Educated

TOXIC TRAIT: Secretive

NAME: Yara Alvarez

AKA: The Social Butterfly

AGE: 25

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

OCCUPATION: Assistant wedding planner

LOVE LANGUAGE: Physical touch

THREE BEST QUALITIES: Sociable, Open-minded, Fun

TOXIC TRAIT: Immature/Irresponsible



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