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Crushed Velvet & Cashmere: Character Interview with Jrue + Kasim

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“They call me Kas,” he whispered in my ear.

I clenched my thighs. He smelled of warm vanilla and musk with a hint of marijuana.

From his enigmatic eyes to the neck tattoo that extended past the crisp fold of his collared shirt, he screamed danger.

And without the resolve to fight against the pressure to mix business with pleasure, I slipped right underneath his thumb and into his dark world.

All I wanted to do was scale my interior design business to the next level.

All I needed was a client who was paid.

I didn’t want to fall so violently for him.

I didn’t need the keys to his heart.

Now I may just lose my sanity because of it.

Character Interview with Jrue and Kasim

Q1: What can we expect from you?

A1: (Jrue): In this story you’ll see me bare my heart. Maybe not my whole heart, but more than I’ve been willing to share with anyone in a long time. You’ll see me laugh and cry. You’ll see me on top of the world and at rock bottom.

A2: (Kas): You see me torn, or really, stuck, between two worlds. Two versions of myself. The man I wanna be when I’m with Jrue, and the man I’ve been trained to be for my family.

Q2. What’s your greatest quality?

A1: (Jrue): I have a very creative, artistic vibe about me that I think makes me my most authentic self.

A2: (Kas): I don’t know. I guess I’d say I’m a pretty charming mothafucka.

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Jrue): My love is like a 90’s R&B song. With me, you’ll get sincerity and always know how much I care. My love will center your chi and take you on a rollercoaster ride at the same time.

A2: (Kas): My love is the opposite of a warm hug. I’m too direct. But if shit is going down, I’m the one you want in the trenches with you. I’ll protect the ones I love until my dying breath.

Q4. List 5 facts about yourself (Or your love interest)

A1: (Jrue): My full name is Jrue Solène Norwood. I’m 25 years old, and the oldest of two. My birthday is on Halloween. I’m an entrepreneur at heart, and a creative, passionate Scorpio.

A2: (Kas): I’m also a Scorpio, so that means when I want something, I go for it without holding back. I’m the middle child of three boys. I’m about my business and I live by the phrase, my presence is a present.

Q5. What’s the vibe for your story? (You can choose a song or movie, or tell the readers in your words what the vibe is)

A1: (Jrue): The vibe for our story is love in all its facets. It’s genuine, new, messy, and passionate all in one.

A2: (Kas): “Nobody but You” Sonder x Jorja Smith

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