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Crushed Velvet & Cashmere 2: Character Interview with Jrue + Kasim

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Kasim Barnes is the cause and the cure.

His pieces fit mine, furnishing the spaces where I am void, abundant where I am scarce.

And yet, he’s everything I should never have wanted.

I want nothing more than to free my heart from his chains, but when he anchors his eyes on me, I forget to breathe.

I didn’t know what falling for him would do to me.

That our attraction would burn so hot that it hurt.

That he would destroy me inside and out.

That finding out the truth would change everything.

They say all great love stories either end in happily ever after or tragedy and tears.

Well, ours may just start a war.

Read part one here:

Character Interview with Jrue and Kasim

Q1: What can we expect from you in the series finale?

A1: (Jrue): In this story, you’ll see me right at the peak of the hill just before the rollercoaster tips forward, and after that, my life just becomes a screaming whirlwind of emotions. Balance is something you’ll see me searching for. When things are up in my career, I’m mending a broken heart, or something in my personal life is going awry. I’m trying to juggle my family, friendships and relationships, and career, all while listening to my heart.

A2: (Kas): For a lot of book two, it feels like I’m walking around with my head on fire and my hands tied behind my back. In book one, I was torn between two worlds and two versions of myself, but by the end of the series, you will see me forge my own path, which means listening to my heart.

Q2. What are a few of your greatest qualities?

A1: (Jrue): I’m hard-working, authentic, and independent.

A2: (Kas): I’m direct as fuck, accomplished, and charismatic.

Q3. What is it like to be loved by you?

A1: (Jrue): My love is like that fresh blunt and a warm hug you need after a hard day. If I love you, you’ll never have to question whose side I’m on. You’re going to know that I love you, and I’m going to make sure you feel it, too, with my actions.

A2: (Kas): All this feelings shit is new to me, and I’m still learning to love. Jrue has afforded me more grace than she probably should’ve through all of this, and I’m grateful to her for that. I know I’ve found the one I want to be with, and for her, my love is like a tattoo. Once I’m on you, I’m on you. Ain’t no gettin’ rid of me.

Q4. List five facts about yourself (Or your love interest).

A1: (Jrue): Hey, y’all! It’s your girl, J-to the-R-to the-U-to-the-E! I’m the CEO of Jrue Interiors. I’m a 90’s R&B lover at heart. I’m a straight shooter who is going to tell you what it is, whether you want to hear it or not, and I move to the beat of my own drum.

A2: (Kas): My government is Kasim Asir Barnes, also known as Mr. Wall Street by Day, Prince of the Underworld by Night. I’m twenty-seven, six-foot-three, and part of an organized crime family.

Q5. What’s the vibe for your story this go around? (You can choose a song or movie or tell the readers in your words what the vibe is)

A1: (Jrue): “Baby” by Ashanti

A2: (Kas): “Song Cry” by Jay-Z

Crushed Velvet & Cashmere 2 Character Visuals


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