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A Lover's Heist III: Baby and Skai's Love Story: Behind the Book

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A Lover's Heist III Synopsis

For as long as she can remember, Skai Daniels has wanted to be a surgeon. As a second-year surgical resident at a hospital in the heart of Miami, her budding medical career keeps her busy. All work and no play make for a lackluster social life. So, when she decides to spend her first night off in a week tagging alongside her best friend Jade to a private party, what’s the worst that could happen? What starts as a fun night soon leads to a series of twisted events that throw her right into the arms of the youngest and notably most problematic Snow brother, Baby.

Cash rules everything around Judah “Baby” Snow. The young boss lives by the street code and runs with the meanest. With his heart still recovering from his last relationship, the paid and pretty playboy is rigid and temperamental. Emotions on ice, he’s vowed never to make the same mistake twice until fate lands him in the middle of Skai’s apartment, searching for his stolen possessions and answers she doesn’t have. When their worlds collide, they’ll learn they have more in common than expected.

As pulse-pounding sparks fly, will Skai crack the forbidden code to Baby’s cold, wild heart, or will a ghost from his past get in the way of the future he could have with her? In a city with enemies at every turn, he could lose everything over the one thing he said he’d never do again, fall in love.

Book Details

  • Series or Standalone: Baby and Skai's story is the third and final book of the Heist of Hearts series. Characters from books one and two will continue to appear throughout the series.

  • Genre: Urban Romance, Women's Fiction

  • Setting: Miami, FL [P.S. If you loved Law, Blaze, and Wolfe Calloway from my In the Arms of a Savage series, then I'm sure you'll fall equally in love with Chief, Rome, and Baby Snow.]

Character Archetypes:

  • The Lover/Hopeless Romantic: Skai

  • The Hero/Bad Boy: Baby

  • The Outlaw/Anti-Hero: Bankx

  • The Femme Fatale: Jasmin

  • The Rebel: Jade

  • The Magician: FBI Special Agent Miguel Martinez

Novel Themes:

Below are some themes that are woven not only throughout this book but throughout the entire Heist of Hearts series too.

  • Love

  • Revenge

  • Dangers of ignorance

  • Family and friendship

  • Greed as downfall

  • Heartbreak of betrayal

  • Chaos and order

  • Lost love

  • Power and corruption

  • Self-preservation

  • War and alliances

Novel Tropes:

  • Conflict (Individual against an individual, internal and external)

  • Revenge and Sacrifice

  • Brotherhood/family drama/ Friendship

  • Dark secrets/Emotional scars

  • Love triangle

  • Second chance romance/First love/The one that got away

  • Damsel in distress

  • Good girl/bad boy

  • Insta love

Three words to describe the book:

  • Engrossing

  • Complex

  • Climactic



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