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A Lover's Heist III: Baby and Skai's Love Story–Behind the Book Part II: Author’s Thoughts

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Jade Tran:

From losing her mother in a car accident at a young age to what she does down at the club every night for Bankx, she knows life comes at you quick. Everything about her life has always been fast, and on top of that, she did go to med school, so she’s smart. With Jade, there’s always a next thought and a plan B in place. Her loyalty seems skewed at times, but I do think she means well when it comes to those she cares about.

Agent Miguel Martinez:

Agent Miguel Martinez is my wildcard. He’s also like this annoying ass gnat that hovers around you, and no matter how many times you swat at it, it just won’t go away, and you can’t kill it. I’ve wanted to kill him so many times throughout the series, but he just always seemed to have unfinished business. I had to air that out and let it all unfold until there were no more cards on the table left to play.

Jarrell “Bankx” Carter:

My villain. He’s smart. He’s wounded. There are some deep-rooted issues that will never heal for him, and he’s learned to adjust his mindset around that and develop his own truth in the process. Throughout most of the book, he feels as if he has the upper hand, and rightfully so, but in the end, his greed and desire to have it all, get his revenge and get away with it all are what lead to his demise.

Jasmin Baker:

She’s ambitious, wears her heart on her sleeve, and still burns a candle for Baby, her first love, after all these years. Although she’s Skai’s competition when it comes to Baby, I wanted her to be just as top tier as Skai, just as ambitious and smart, just as far up on the career ladder as Skai was, so that it becomes even harder for Skai to pick out something bad about her. It was important for me to bring her back, reopen those old wounds that never healed properly in the first place, and explore the fact that although so many years have passed, she’s in some ways still just as emotionally scarred and childish as Baby is. Because of this, they take turns holding up the mirror to each other throughout the story.

Skai Daniels:

Skai is flirty, shy, observant, and sweet. But she’s also jealous, insecure, and still not quite sure where she fits in the world as a lover, friend, or a new doctor training to save lives. It was fun getting to explore bits and pieces of her work-life balance and the two separate lives she’s living. She knows there’s this really dark underworld of drug dealers and murderers that she’s now associated with, whether to her own fault or not. I enjoy the push and pull she has with Baby at the beginning and throughout the book. I enjoyed watching them grow independently and together while shining the light on each other’s flaws and learning to love them anyway.

Judah “Baby” Snow:

My final Snow brother. I can’t say I saved the best for last because I love Chief, Rome, and Baby equally, and it’s been a blast telling their stories. What I can say is it all ends here, and it couldn’t have ended with anyone but Baby Snow. It took me forever to get a handle on the story, and it was a very slow process. I needed him to have a strong backstory—something that would shed a little more light onto why he’s the rowdiest, perhaps most absent-minded, of the three. I enjoyed exploring his rainbow of emotions from happy to sad, angry, and embarrassed—he definitely goes on a rollercoaster throughout the book.

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