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A Lover's Heist II: Rome and Lira's Love Story Sneak Peek: Chapter One

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What you are about to read is for mature audiences only.

This snippet contains:

Explicit language.

Adult themes.

This shit is not suitable for readers under 18.

Reader discretion is advised.


Chapter One

Six months later.

Roman “Rome” Snow

“What about that one?” I asked Draya, my eyes cascading over her right shoulder to the chocolate-colored girl rocking a pair of six-inch stilettos and box braids that brushed against her juicy ass.

“Which one?”

“The one with the braids,” I told her before spilling some D’usse down my throat.

She slowly rolled her neck to peek over her shoulder. One glimpse, and she instantly rolled her hickory brown eyes at me while crinkling up her button nose. “Are you serious? Look at those six-month-old braids, baby. Sis looks like she is about to loc up any second now. Anyone comfortable enough to go out in public looking like that doesn’t keep up the maintenance downtown, and I don’t want no parts,” she declared, throwing up her hands.

I chuckled, knowing her like the back of my hand. Draya had a type, and she wasn’t it. “I swear you’re the pickiest person I know.”

“Me? You’re the pickiest of them all, Rome. Don’t play with me.”

“Only the finest pussy can ride this dick,” I reminded her.

She smirked before wrapping her long nails around her martini glass and taking a sip. “And ain’t none of ‘em finer than mine,” she boasted.

“It’s your turn to pick, though, baby. Take a good look around. What do you want tonight? A redbone? A Latina? Or a taste of some sweet chocolate?”

“I’ll know when I see her.”

I nodded and let her scan her surroundings while perched beside me at the packed bar in downtown Atlanta. We spent the weekend there. I’d arranged a meeting with my connect for earlier that day. It had been almost nine months since we’d met in person. I’d been laying low and letting Baby take over my day-to-day shit while I made sure all my legal mess went away quietly. Luckily, my lawyers could get any evidence the Feds were trying to use against me thrown out because their informant, Giovanni, turned out to be unreliable after the shit he pulled with my niece, Dream. I wanted to kill him for what he did and all he tried to take from my family. Jail wasn’t good enough for niggas like him, and I knew Chief wouldn’t be fully satisfied until he was no longer walking the earth. Shit was far from over.

My phone vibrated in my pocket, drawing me back to my present surroundings. I smiled after reading the text confirmation that my shipment was on its way to Miami. That meant I would be able to relax and make Draya the center of attention for the rest of our quick getaway. Dray and I had been together for three years, and she was just as adventurous as she was the first day I met her. She was as free as they came but was loyal to me and only me outside the bedroom. Dray had a slim waist and a perfectly round ass standing at five-foot-five. She was from the same hood as me and liked to fuck the same bitches I did. She was every nigga’s dream. Over the years, we’d had threesomes, foursomes, even orgies. Nothing was ever off the table when it came to her sexual liberation.

“I think I got one,” she mumbled without even taking her eyes off her prey.

I followed her expressive brown eyes straight to a doe-eyed beauty standing in the middle of the crowded dance floor with Brazilian weave down her back and dripping in chocolate skin from head to toe.

“She’s beautiful.”

“She’s mine,” Draya bellowed before taking the final sip of her drink. “I’ll see you in a bit.”

Draya kissed my lips, leaving a sheen of lip gloss against them. I quickly licked it off before finishing my drink and ordering another. All I had to do was sit back and let Dray do her thing. She’d call me when she was ready for me. She always did.

Draya Snow

I made my way to the dance floor just as the DJ switched the song to ‘Dream Girl’ by Ir-Sais and Rauw Alejandro, and I immediately started swaying my hips to the sexy Urban Latino beat. I continued to snake my way through the crowd, making my way over to the only person outside of Rome I wanted to get next to.

“Oh shit! This is my song!” She called out while winding her hips.

I bit my lip, watching the hem of her dress rise each time she popped her ass. “Girl, yes! Mine too! Your dress is beautiful, by the way,” I complimented her while lightly brushing my hand across her exposed shoulder. Her skin was as soft as honey butter, and I could only imagine what it would feel like to be engulfed in the folds of her chocolate flower.

She flashed a winning smile at me. “Aww, thank you! I really like yours too.”

I smiled back, quickly glancing down at the plunging neckline on the revealing sparkly red dress I wore before I continued to dance. I locked eyes with Rome from across the room and beckoned for him to join us. As soon as I felt his presence behind me, I pressed my ass against the natural bulge in his pants. It turned me on just knowing he was giving big dick energy even when his shit wasn’t on hard.

The bass vibrated the floor underneath us as I threw it back. Once I realized we had gained an audience of one, I threw it back even harder before locking eyes with her. She shot me a devilish grin before throwing her hands in the air and tossing her head back to the sky, continuing to sway to the beat. I reached out to grab her hips and started pulling her closer to us. She spun around and pressed her back against me. I slid out from in between her and Rome and let her wind her sweet chocolate hips against him while I grinded against his back. For the duration of the song, he was sandwiched between the two sexiest women in the entire club.

“Thanks for the dance,” I whispered in her ear.

“No, thank you. You two are very…hot,” she expressed with a slight smirk.

I smiled. “You know what? You should take a shot with me.”

Her chandelier earrings shook back and forth. “What? A shot? Nooo! I don’t do shots!”

“C’mon, girl! My husband is buying!” I said, grabbing her hand and leading her back over to the bar.

Rome looked at me with an all-knowing look on his face, and I shot him a quick smirk. “Baby, this is my new friend….”

“Amirah,” she called out, filling in my blank.

“Amirah! This is my new friend Amirah, and you’re buying us shots!”

“Oh, really?”


“I can’t let him buy me shots. I don’t even know either of your names.”

I chuckled, knowing no woman truly ever cared enough to ask the name of whoever was buying her a drink as long as the shit was free. “I’m Draya, and this is my husband….”

“Roman,” he interjected. “What will you two ladies be having?” He asked, giving Amirah his undivided attention.

She locked eyes with him and immediately blushed. It was clear she found him attractive. Hell, any woman in her right mind would’ve.

“Tequila?” I proposed.

“Oh my God! You’re going to get me in trouble!” Amirah bellowed.

“Good trouble, right? There’s nothing wrong with good trouble,” I said, tossing my arm around her waist.

Rome ordered a round of dark tequila for the three of us, and we took them to the head.

“Ah! That shot ran right through me!” Amirah confessed before sinking her teeth into the lime in her left hand.

“Let’s go to the bathroom!” I suggested, scooping Amirah’s hand in mine.

Rome made sure to keep his distance but escorted us, nonetheless. I loved that he let me be me. Most niggas wouldn’t be cool with his woman fuckin’ other bitches, but we had an understanding that didn’t need to be explained to anyone who wasn’t in between our sheets.


“I know you find him attractive,” I said, eyeing Amirah’s reflection in the bathroom mirror when she stepped up to wash her hands.

Her forehead creased. “What? Who?”

“My husband,” I clarified.

The thin hairs on her skin rose. “Um. I—I was just being polite, y’know? He did just buy me a drink.”

“Relax, Amirah. It’s okay. I can tell he likes you too,” I said, inching closer.

Amirah turned so that her backside was pressed against the sink. “I think I’m confused…”

“Let me make it clear for you. We’re looking for a third. And you, are too beautiful not to want.”

I watched her brown cheeks turn dark red. “Draya, I’m flattered, but I’ve never—”

My lips cut hers off with an innocent kiss. “Let’s just see where the night goes.”

Standing light on her feet, she giggled while feeling the liquor run to her head. “Let’s just see, huh?”

“Yeah,” I said, running the back of my hand down the side of her face. “You’re so fuckin’ beautiful.”

She blushed. “Thank you…and for what it’s worth, I meant what I said about you and your husband out there on the dance floor. That was very hot.”

“Let’s make it hotter,” I suggested.

When she didn’t immediately respond, I took that as my opportunity to turn up the heat. Balancing on four-inch heels, I bent down to lift the hem of her dress and kiss her pussy through her panties.

She let out a soft hum and relaxed a few of her muscles, signaling me to continue. A smile snaked across my face before I slid her panties to the side and kissed her purring panther

before slowly slicing my tongue between her plump lips.

“Oooh shit,” she moaned.

Amirah drew in a sharp breath the second my thumb pressed against her throbbing clit. “Mmm. See, you’re already so wet,” I told her before sucking remnants of her sweetness off my fingertip. I knew Rome was in for a treat. She was chocolate just how he liked it with a pussy sweeter than grape Kool-Aid.

She looked down at me with a devious smile that encouraged my fingertips to plunge into her warmth. I had her body shaking so hard, she didn’t notice Rome step in and lock the door behind him. Any partygoers with a full bladder would just have to wait. When she opened her eyes, she peered over my shoulder at Rome. One look at him and her chocolate thighs spread like Nutella.

“She’s in,” I whispered over my shoulder to him.

He snaked his arms around my waist before gliding his hands down my bare thighs. “You have such good taste, baby.”

“I already know this.”

Rome spun her around, gazing at her reflection in the mirror and the euphoric expression across her face. One by one, he placed her hands against the glass. He slowly lifted her dress and slid her panties down to her ankles. He licked his fingertips and cupped her pussy from behind. The sweet sounds of her moans caused me to dive between my own thighs to strum my clit like a bass guitar.

I stared into Rome’s deep set cocoa brown eyes as he held his stiff dick in his hand. “Let daddy come play in that throat.”

Rome sunk his hands into Amirah’s plump ass before pulling my lips onto his. Amirah and I dropped to our knees to suck his dick together, lathering it up with warm spit.

He tossed his head back against the bathroom stall door as I ran my hands up and down his rock-hard chest. “Mmm, shit.”

Amirah and I took turns licking up and down the base of his dick and deep throating his length, while the other sucked on the tip and massaged his balls until the entire bathroom was filled with nothing but slurping and gagging sounds.

“Fuckin’ spit on it,” he instructed.

“Mmm. You like that, baby? You like it when we spit all over your dick?” I asked, sucking on the tip of his thick, curved monster.

“Oh, hell yeah,” his deep voice vibrated as he palmed the back of Amirah’s head.

I reached over to pull Amirah’s hair away from her face as she bobbed up and down on my husband’s dick—I’d never seen a sight more beautiful. My hands raced over her pierced, erect nipples and she pushed out a soft moan. I hooked my fingertips into her plunging neckline and pulled down her dress just enough to expose her breasts.

My tongue toyed with her nipples. “Goddamn, you’re perfect,” I whispered to her.

“I think I wanna taste you,” she whispered against my lips.

I stepped back and propped my leg up on the counter, spreading my legs for her to taste the sweetness that rested between my cinnamon brown thighs. “Bon appétit, beautiful,” I purred.

Rome stepped up behind me and kissed my neck while Amirah’s lips got acquainted with my throbbing clit. “Ohhhh shit,” I hissed, glancing down at her glistening lips.

“Is it good, baby?” Rome growled in my ear.


“You ain’t talkin’ loud enough for daddy. I said, is it good?” He repeated.

“Yes! It’s so fuckin’ good! She’s gonna make me cum if she keeps goin’.”

“Yeah? She got you wet, baby?” He asked.

I gripped the back of her head before thrusting my hips forward. “She’s got me so fuckin’ wet, baby,” I moaned before he kissed me.

“Good, now come get this dick,” he coached before plunging into my wetness from behind.

“Mmm, shit! Yes! Just like that! Make this pussy cum, baby!”

With my cheek pressed against the vanity mirror, I looked back at him as he served up back shot after back shot until I creamed all over his dick. Amirah pulled his lips onto hers as he fucked me.

“That’s so fuckin’ sexy, baby,” I moaned, watching him caress and grab her ass as their tongues made love to each other.

After fucking me to my climax, I reached into my purse to pull out a gold wrapper and slid the condom over his dick. Rome held Amirah suspended in air before pressing her back against the bathroom stall door and sliding her down on top of him. Her eyes bugged wide as he fed her his snake inch by inch.

“Ooooh shiiiiiiiittttttt,” she squealed, eyes rolling in the back of her head the moment the hook in his dick hit her g-spot. At that moment, I was thankful that the 808s were vibrating the walls and suppressing her screams.

“Keep pumpin’ that big ass dick into her, baby. Mmm, yeah. Just like that,” I purred, while finger fucking myself to the live porn playing out in front of me.

“You like this shit, baby?” he asked before licking her throat and swirling his tongue around her mouth.

“Mmm, you look so good when you fuck, daddy. Tell him how good he fuckin’ feels!” I yelled out to Amirah.

Heels dangling in the air, she nodded with a soft whimper, unable to form a complete sentence. We all knew she was having the time of her life.

“Tell him to fuck you until you cum all over his dick!”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me until I—I—I c—cum!” Amirah screamed while running her long, coffin-shaped nails through his soft, wavy hair.

“Mmm, shit. I think she’s about to cum, baby. I can feel that pussy lockin’ up on my dick,” Rome hissed.

I gazed at Amirah’s beautiful set of perky breasts bouncing in circles as he thrusted into her.

“Oh my fuckin’ fuck! Keep goin’. Keep it right there! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” Amirah squeaked.

“Take it. Take it. Take it,” I coached, feeling my climax nearing as well.

“I’m c—cumming!” She screamed, panting uncontrollably.

“Mmm, shit. You ready to drink some nut?” Rome asked, pulling out of her and sliding off the condom.

Amirah eagerly nodded and dropped down to her knees before Rome covered her lips with his seed. I pulled her lips onto mine, kissing his sweet nectar off her lips.

As soon as I’d gotten cleaned up and walked outside the bathroom, I saw Rome standing off to the side with his cell phone glued to his ear and straight rage across his face. I slowed down my stride, trying to read the situation before I approached him. We’d just had such a sexy ass time; I couldn’t imagine why he looked so upset.

“Everything okay, baby?” I asked, gently putting my hand on his.

He looked at me with violence in his cocoa brown eyes. “That was Baby. We need to get back to Miami tonight. One of our spots just got hit.”



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